eCommerce businesses have to perform many tasks. Though all tasks are important for these businesses to keep their business going, some tasks are more important than others.

While some tasks are mundane and tedious like uploading and entering products into a store’s website, sending newsletters to customers and followers, etc., there are other tasks which require specialized skills like upgrading and maintaining the ecommerce website, setting up stores or content management systems, etc. Still there are other tasks which are utmost important for eCommerce businesses like identifying prospects, thinking strategically for growing their business and tasks associated with increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Some eCommerce business owners feel that by performing all tasks themselves they can save costs, but actually this may give them subpar results and can have negative effects on the growth of their business. This is because by doing mundane and tedious tasks and those requiring specialized skills themselves can consume a lot of time of eCommerce businesses and leave them with much less time to focus on their highest priority tasks like generating more sales and additional revenue and improving their productivity and efficiency. Consequently, the businesses may lose great opportunities to their competitors and face difficulty in sustaining and growing their business.

Here a virtual eCommerce assistant or a team of virtual eCommerce assistants can come to the aid of your eCommerce business and provide you strong support for the smooth and seamless functioning of processes of your store.

Well-trained in the eCommerce space and having requisite experience and skills, virtual assistants (VAs) perform both your mundane and specialized tasks properly and efficiently. With them taking care of these tasks, you are left with enough time to focus on your core tasks of generating more revenue and growing your business. Also, your business’s efficiency and productivity gets boosted.

eCommerce virtual assistants perform various eCommerce-related tasks including the following :-

  • Entering and uploading product data
  • Putting products into relevant categories
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Managing inventory
  • Doing analysis of prices and discounts offered by competitors
  • Optimizing presentation of product pages
  • Editing and optimizing product images
  • Gathering product data from various sources
  • Management of discount and promotion offers
  • Designing and sending email newsletters
  • Google Adwords and social media remarketing
  • Designing landing pages, banners and other marketing materials
  • Website development and enhancement

Outsourcing some of your tedious and specialized tasks to virtual assistants provides these benefits to your eCommerce store:-

1. Saving of Costs

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for eCommerce costs you significantly less than hiring an on-site employee. The hourly rates of overseas virtual assistants are consistently lower than the hourly rates of on-site employees in USA and European countries. Moreover, you have to pay virtual assistants only for the hours they work. Also, you don’t need to purchase an extra landline or mobile phone for the assistants or provide them insurance or other benefits that you have to mandatorily provide to your regular employees.

While you also have to spend money on higher internet bandwidth, software licenses, office supplies, utilities, space rental, etc. for providing them to your employees, you need not do so in the case of virtual assistants. Similarly, while you have to incur costs on interviewing, hiring and training new employees, you need not invest on hiring and training virtual assistants as they are already trained and possess relevant expertise and knowledge in the eCommerce area.

2. Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Virtual assistants have the skills and experience to perform your mundane and tedious tasks as well as those tasks which require specialized skills. By performing these tasks satisfactorily, they save you from the hassles of performing the tasks yourself and thus, help you get back adequate time for focusing on the core areas of your business, building your expertise and properly utilizing your abilities and strengths for achieving your business goals. Their support eventually helps you to drastically improve your business productivity and efficiency.

3. Scalability

The workload at your eCommerce store may increase due to growth of your business, rising demand for your products during weekends or festivals, etc. To meet your enhanced needs, scaling up of your workforce is required which can be easily and quickly achieved through hiring trained and experienced virtual assistants.

You can flexibly increase or decrease the number of virtual assistants you hire to handle the rising or lowered demand for your products, more or less workload or as per the extent of your budget.

4. Flexible Pricing

To hire a VA for eCommerce you need not sign any long term contracts. Also, you need to bother about abiding by your country’s tax regulations or providing insurance, health and other benefits to him. You can hire virtual assistants at any time you want their services and stop using their services when you no longer need them. You only have to pay them for the number of hours they work for you. In this way, hiring virtual assistants is simple and headache free.

5. Spurring sales with engaging product descriptions

eCommerce virtual assistants have expertise in writing informative, precise and appealing product descriptions which help potential cpustomers to clearly understand features and benefits of various products at your store and inspire them to make their buying decisions in favour of your products. This in turn gives a boost to your sales.

6. Comprehensive product management

Whether it is about gathering product data from a manufacturer’s website, digital or physical catalog or any other website or source, entering and uploading feature, specification, price, shipping, image and other product-related data on your online store, putting products into right categories and creating discounts and promotional offers for your products and marketing your products, virtual assistants will perform all these tasks efficiently and quickly. This will help you to leverage the available selling opportunities and remain always one step ahead of your competitors.

In view of the above mentioned benefits, it makes perfect sense for your business to hire eCommerce virtual assistants. Your decision to utilize their services will certainly make a difference to the productivity and growth of your business.

In view of the above mentioned benefits, it makes perfect sense for your business to hire eCommerce virtual assistants. Your decision to utilize their services will certainly make a difference to the productivity and growth of your business.

Whether you want to Hire eCommerce Virtual Assistant like an email marketing VA or a product data entry VA for your eCommerce store, you should hire them from only an established and reliable eCommerce virtual assistant service like Matrid Technologies. By providing robust 24 x 7 support to your business, its well trained and veteran VAs would play a vital role in your business success.