Like every other business, fashion apparel selling businesses too are bearing the brunt of Covid-19. Disruption in manufacturing and supply chain, cautious shoppers unwilling to splurge money on their favorite clothing items, stores closed or operating for lesser hours due to government regulations and delayed delivery of products are the various Covid-19 related factors that are impacting the sales and revenue of fashion apparel selling companies.

If you are a boutique or a fashion clothing business owner, you may have no clue on how to tide over the Covid-19 crisis, except to wait for the situation to become normal for your business.

One thing that you need to consider at this crucial juncture is that though Covid-19 has given rise to some serious challenges, but it has also presented some rewarding opportunities for your business. You can make the most of these opportunities and turn them into an advantage for your business by implementing some insightful tips from the most knowledgeable eCommerce specialists , which are shared below :-

Find New Ways to Generate Customers’ Interest in Your Products

As most of your customers are staying in their homes due to Covid-19 fear, they are spending more time online which is a good opportunity for you to spark their interest in your products.

You should adopt innovative ways to stimulate their interest in your products. Customers are stressed out at the moment and want something that can make them feel relaxed and happy. You can offer them loungewear items by saying ‘Outstanding and engaging loungewear that takes your comfort to the next level while keeping your focus intact at work’ (in view of many people working from home due to offices shut down due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions in place).

There are many people who are buying to escape boredom or frustration. You can target them by saying ‘Pamper yourself with our wide range of trendy clothes and have a high feeling at all times.’

In one other similar way, you can say, ‘Our stylish apparel is vanishing fast from our stores, Thanks to zealous shoWhile this will help to save you some money in this financially distressing scenario, your sales will continue unabated and customers will be happy too.
ppers. You just can’t afford to miss this opportunity!’

There are innumerable ways you can adopt for making customers excited about your products and spur them to buy these. It all depends on how far your creativity and imagination can go.

Have a Relook at Your Discounts

You need not offer drastic discounts for enticing customers to buy your items. If you were offering 40% or 50% discount on your products last year during this period, this year you should offer just 20-30% off on your products.

While this will help to save you some money in this financially distressing scenario, your sales will continue unabated and customers will be happy too.

Alternatively, you can increase the percentage of your discounts if you have a high supply and low demand. By offering significant discounts on your products, you can drive more people to buy your products as they fear missing out the products. Such a pricing strategy is successful in a scenario where people are already interested in your products but deferring buying them.

Maintain Customer Engagement

At this time, your mind is plagued with so many problems like low stock or new stock not coming from manufacturers/suppliers, your stores being closed, diminished sales and revenue, etc. Due to preoccupation with these problems, you may not be able to focus on engaging your customers.

As customers are key to your business success, you cannot afford to disconnect and disengage with them even if they are spending less or not spending at all due to the financial uncertainty. So communicate to your customers through your website, social media handles, etc. that you still value them and you are putting in extra efforts to procure the latest and in vogue clothing items from the new or existing suppliers/ manufacturers and deliver these timely to them.

If you are facing any challenges in the procurement and delivery of your products to Covid-19, also convey the same clearly to your customers.

Also, do not forget to mention about the specific measures you are taking for keeping your workers, partners and customers safe from the exposure to Covid-19. Customers will appreciate your endeavors and support you provide them for protection against Covid-19.

By undertaking all these things, you can better connect with your customers and retain their loyalty to your business.

Spend More on Advertising

Due to various problems attributed to Covid-19, many fashionable apparel selling businesses are lying low and spending remarkably less for their online marketing efforts. You can seize this opportunity by increasing your investment in online advertising of your brand and use it for showcasing your business and products to the audience of such businesses for influencing and converting them.

By hiring veteran advertising professionals to create and manage impactful marketing campaigns that aggressively and effectively promote your business across different channels, you can reach out to an increased number of new customers who are keen to try something new to escape boredom and stress and inspire them to purchase your products. This is a great way to turn the Covid-19 crisis into a rewarding opportunity for your business.

Start Planning for the Future

The Covid-19 crisis is of unprecedented magnitude that has impacted people, businesses and economies all around the world. You cannot allow such a crisis to affect your fashion apparel business in the future. So you need to start planning towards this right from today itself.

The planning should include monitoring and identifying quickly the developments that can impact your business and taking timely measures to protect your business against them, having the ability to flexibly downsize your orders in the time of crisis and upshift orders when the crisis ends and markets recover, and networking with suppliers and manufacturers in your local area or country to secure uninterrupted supplies of products when there are grave problems occurring in other parts of the world.

The planning should also include investing prudently in inventory, purchasing products from suppliers and manufacturers, advertising, hiring workforce, etc. to avoid wasting your capital and maximizing gains from it.

By following the above-stated recommendations from top eCommerce experts of Matrid Technologies, your boutique/fashion apparel business can effectively manage the Covid-19 related challenges and move on to a path of recovery and profitability.

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