Many mortgage loan providers like banks, mortgage companies, credit unions or independent brokers are content to have old, cold and clunky mortgage calculators on their website or app. If you happen to be in the league of these providers, having such calculators is not in the interest of your lending business.


Old-fashioned and unappealing digital calculators on your website or app may put off many potential customers, including Millennials who are comfortable with shopping for mortgage loans online. This consequently will result in the loss of customers, leads and sales for your business.

To avoid this loss, you need to give a serious thought to designing a trendy, appealing and interactive digital mortgage calculator under your brand name for your website, internal portal, desktop or tablet application.

As designing this calculator requires advanced knowledge of the latest mortgage calculator design trends and techniques, UI/UX design, Artificial Intelligence and modern web development technologies, this task should be better left to professional digital mortgage calculator designers. Hiring them would certainly cost you some money, but the benefits will outweigh the costs.

Things to Consider While Hiring Designers

Before hiring designers for your mortgage calculator designing project, you should take into consideration their previously completed projects and reviews provided by their customers or independent resources. If you feel satisfied with their credentials, only then you should proceed with the next step to hire them. Otherwise, continue searching for the right designers till you get them.

Before proceeding with designing a trendy digital mortgage calculator for your business brand, the designers you hire will have a detailed discussion with you regarding the specific needs and goals of your lending business. Through the discussion, the designers will gain vital insights about the audience you want to target, parameters like the market value of the house, down payment, state of residence, etc. to be used in the calculators and other related aspects. Accordingly, they will design a trendy, engaging and artificial intelligence-driven interactive digital mortgage calculator that perfectly meets your needs and goals.

Here are some Outstanding Examples of Trendy Mortgage Calculators.

Benefits of Trendy Digital Mortgage Calculators

Increased User Engagement

A trendy, visually appealing and user-friendly mortgage calculator under your brand name will attract and entice potential customers to explore and check various loan options offered by your firm on your app or website. By giving accurate estimates of monthly mortgage payments related to various loan options in a quick and convenient manner, the calculator will help home buyers better compare the options and choose the ideal one for their home purchase needs.

The use of the calculator will lead to greater customer engagement and better customer experience, resulting in the generation of more leads and sales of your mortgage loan products. Along with other factors, the calculator will help you win the trust of customers and build a professional image of your business in their minds. Such interactive tools and assets will play an important role in the growth and success of your mortgage loan lending business.

Improve Efficiency

The calculator will also help your marketing executives and loan officers perform their tasks more efficiently while showcasing various loan products to customers or assisting them in applying for a particular loan. Its use will ultimately lead to saving of your costs and resources.

Business Branding

The trendy and intuitive mortgage calculator under your brand name, will help to effectively promote your lending business among your target audience. The calculator along with other great features of your website or app will help to present your business as a professional entity, make customers receptive to your business and let you better compete with the rival lending businesses.

Due to the above-mentioned benefits, getting designed a trendy, exciting and user-friendly digital mortgage calculator from veteran designers is in the best interest of your business.

For designing a trendy and intuitive mortgage calculator for your internal portal, website or desktop/tablet application, you should only hire skilled digital mortgage calculator designers from an established and trusted provider like Matrid Technologies.

The company’s designers and developers have unmatched expertise in building a wide range of mortgage calculators, including refinance calculators, amortization schedule calculators and affordability calculators besides others for the U.S. based mortgage lending firms as well as independent brokers.