A while back, Android introduced the concept of Instant apps and quite soon enough also began implementing it. Android instant apps are those that do not require any installation and can be used directly with the help of a link.

Instant apps are basically smaller units or modules of complete apps that can be used to perform a particular function of the app. For instance, a gaming app can divide the levels of the game as modules and users can access some of these levels without actually having to install the app. Of course, if they wish to access all of the levels, they will then have to install the app.

Android Instant Apps have a plethora of benefits for developers and businesses in terms of publicity and user acquisition. It has helped create a completely different opportunity for those who want their app to be successful.

Given below are a few ways how businesses can make use of instant apps for marketing and user acquisitions.

1.Promote User Engagement


Instant apps can be used to promote user engagement really well. Often times, the hardest part of an app’s success is to have users install it. However, Android instant apps take this pain away making it easy for the users to interact with the app.

By simply making a module of the app available to their users, businesses will be able to easily engage their users with parts of the apps. Once users get hooked on to it, the target audience will automatically be compelled to download the app and use it further.

2. Give Incentives for Downloading the App


Most of the times, majority of your target audience will be compelled by the app module to download the app. However, sometimes they might need a little push for the same. Businesses can strategically give the users incentives in the app if they download it.

The instant app is a good enough push and a great sample of the app for the target audience, however, extra incentives will add on to this. You can compel a higher volume of users to download the app with a few incentives.

3. Give Incentives to Share the App


Incentives will definitely have a great impact on the number of app downloads. However, you can further expand your reach by offering incentives even for sharing the app. Again, sharing and encouraging someone to download an app is a difficult process but is made easy with instant apps.

Since sharing instant apps is as easy as sharing a link, the probability of users actually using the instant app is a lot higher. Once the people the link is shared with give it a try, their journey to downloading the app will become a lot more shorter.

4. Get Feedback on your App


Another great way you can use instant apps is by taking feedback and improving the app before you launch its final version. This can be great for you in terms of both marketing and development. You can start by marketing your instant app to your target audience and asking for their feedback.

Your target audience will use and further share the app which will open you up to a very vast audience. With their feedback, you could understand exactly what your users want from you and significantly improve the app. This way, when you finally launch the app, there already would be a buzz for it around and the final launch will be much anticipated.

So these were a few ways how Instant apps can be beneficial to your marketing and user acquisition strategies. A lot of renowned companies have already begun making use of instant apps for instance The New York Times Crossword, Red Bull TV, Buzzfeed News, Quizzes etc. The instant apps of these are already available for use on Google Play Store.

More and more renowned organizations are on the verge of launching their instant apps too. When they’re on the move, what are you waiting for?

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