Distinct from a Mobile Website, an App is your virtual store which is always in the hands of your prospective customer. It helps highly in customer retention, repeated sales and brand development. Biggest challenge of web is that customer is having easy access to competition and shifts loyalty quickly. Once glued to your App, your identity and brand is always available in his palm which helps in retention. Most of your App is available to the customer even when internet is not connected. Moreover, through the App, you can plan personalized campaigns for your customers and can also send alerts directly on his mobile device.” An App is working for you while your customer is on the move, in office bus, picking kids from school or holidaying.

The preference for mobile applications over traditional internet sites is increasing year over year (130% annually). Nielsen recently reported that consumers who preferred mobile media viewed this media through apps 89% of the time as opposed to mobile web at 11%.This means that you can easily gain the consumers attention, but how do you keep it long enough to have them become a loyal customer, one who not only downloads the app, but also makes purchases from it? I mean, let’s not forget – when a client or customer utilizes your app, ultimately the goal is to have them make a purchase or at the very least, subscribe or enrol to something for potential future purchases.

Facilitate the customer relationship with an enhanced convenience which is possible only through an App against a mobile website.

This leaves you with the question of how? Here are the ideas on which to focus:

  • Tailor your customer’s shopping experience by displaying promotions that are customized to their individual preferences. Automate purchase recommendations or cross-sell offers that are tailor made for the specific customer.
  • Provide click-to-call and/or click-to-chat or click-to-text through SMS options to increase conversion rates. An App gives you the unique ability to your customer to be quickly in touch with you in case he needs a help.
  • Consider providing some innovative virtual facilities to your customers which help him decide about your product. Say, you are selling furniture, you can provide the facility of a virtual bedroom where customer can place the furniture articles and see how these look.
  • Apps provide the facility to send personalized alerts to customers. Keep these consistent – do not overwhelm your customer with these. But, these give better results than newsletters.
  • Offer delivery status or other “follow your order” options. Live tracking through App is very convenient for your customer instead of going to your website or USPS/Fedex or UPS etc. to check the status of delivery.
  • Allow the customer to order in-app, but pick up from a store of their choice if that suits your business model.

You also need to make sure that the purchasing process is simple and quick by utilizing Mobile Payment Getaways like PayPal, Smoove Pay, Authorize.net and others that are supported on mobile platforms.

You need to target the right audience, the primary goal here is to get your App into the hands of the prospective clients who desire or have an interest in your product or service, so that you can establish a virtual territory.

You can enhance your market share with an eCommerce Mobile App, not only by providing engaging fun and product specific widgets in a nicely packaged application, though you also get the ability to actively interact and connect with current and potential customers, by knowing who they are, facilitating the relationship and increasing value to them. Contact Us now to get an App for you.