Magento API Integration

Boost the prevalence of your online business with Matrid Magento API Team (MMAT) having dedicated Magento professionals for REST/SOAP API integration.

Assimilating more business applications to work with Magento has been the call of the hour for every business community to augment their site’s functionality or for interaction with diverse platforms. REST and SOAP API (Application Programming Interface) integration breaks the ice & has been the savior for them as it offers tremendous ways of shaking hands with various odd applications. REST (Representational State Transfer) API allows one piece of software to interact with other & technically integrated in your respective stores with aid of Matrid Magento Virtuoso. We are proficient whether it is REST, SOAP or XML-RPC.

Developers require a set of functions to which they can perform requests & receive responses which is referred as REST API. This REST API is labored for website development with the aid of HTTP protocol. Magento API is flexible enough to be used for any programming language.

Magento API is a connecting bridge of Magento system between integrator & developer that permit use of Magento Web service.

Pivotal features of Magento API:

Magento REST API integration aids in smooth functionality of an eCommerce establishment as it provides lots of functions, categorized as:

Customers– Fetch &Restore list of customers with option to create, update & delete customer information.

Customer’s Addresses– Fetch & Restore list of customers’ addresses with option to create, update & delete customer addresses.

Inventory- Fetch & Restore the list of stock counts and update required stock.

Fetch & Restore the list of products, create, update, and delete the products.

Products Categories– Fetch & Restore the list of categories assigned to a product, assign, and unassign the category to/from a specific product.

Sales Orders- Fetch & Restore the list of sales orders as well as the specific order information.

Order Items-
Fetch & Restore order items for the specific order.

Order Addresses
– Fetch & Restore information on order billing and shipping addresses for the specific order.

Order Comments
– Fetch & Restore order comments for the specific order

Matrid Magento API Team is labored to reckon up the assets to your online e-commerce site:

  • Shipping, taxes, inventory, point of sale, fulfillment, logistics, suppliers/manufacturer databases/feeds, warehouse management systems, or accounting and many other aspects get in synchronization with your Magento store with the aid of Magento REST API integration.
  • Repetition in terms of data entry for customers, products, sales orders & inventory can be easily curtailed & data management becomes easier.
  • Smoothening the functionality of online business after diminishing the hassles of multiple platforms is one of the proficiency of Matrid Magento API Team (MMAT).