How to Update the Currency Rates in Magento2

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After completing the whole configuration of currency setup & even the import as well as the scheduled import settings, we need to update the currency rates.

So let’s start with the Admin Panel of Magento2. From here we scroll down to the section of “Stores” and fetch the option “Currency Rates” falling under the title “Currency”.

Admin Panel → Stores → Currency → Currency Rates


After selecting the option for “Currency Rates” this will be showing us Rate sub-option, we need to select the rate we are required to change, then in parallel to which we have the field in which we can manually out the current value of currency.


After this we need to select the right above button of “Save Currency Rates” to save the changes done.


In order to import the rates, we have the option of “Import”, in parallel to which there is a field in which we need to assign the name of rate provider, which is “Webservicex” by default.


After this we need to click on import tab, this will display the updated currency rates whereas the older ones will also be displayed for the reference if the new update has some changes.


After doing all this, we need to save the work with “Save Currency Rates” button. The cache management is needed to be done if it is prompted.


So this is the way we can update the currency rate manually & even import the currency rates.

Next is what??? Next is your turn to go & explore your Magento2 store with this feature to update & import the currency rates for your products.

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