Xamarin has been around for quite some time and has established a reputation of being the “King of cross platform Apps”. If you ever plan on building a cross platform app that is able to reach out to audience across a range of devices, Xamarin will undoubtedly be your choice of framework. We determined this in a previous article on Why Xamarin is the best framework for your cross platform app?

Xamarin has proven to be so beneficial that a number of major companies opted for it to develop their own mobile apps. As of today, there are over 15,000 companies that rely on this framework and the efforts of Xamarin Developers.

To explain this in a little more detail, we have included a list of 5 apps of major companies that use Xamarin to power them.

1.Fox Sports


Fox Sports is one of the leading sports channels in the U.S. that offers over 3,0000 live events each year. It covers sports leagues which include the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, UFC, FIFA and many more.

With a mobile app, Fox Sports aimed at engaging sports fans before, during and after the game events. For a media company such as Fox Sports, delivering a great user experience was critical for their brand. So the development team at Fox Sports decided to use of the Xamarin Test Cloud and HockeyApp to their benefit, to be able to deliver a seamless and personalized user experience to everyone.

The app allows users to  customize their home scoreboards, watch available game highlights, receive customized push notifications etc. It also automates testing to ensure that its expanding user base receives great experiences.

2. Olo


Olo is a 12 year old company that caters to major restaurants and food joints such as Wingstop, Applebees etc. They create custom branded apps for these restaurants to handle online ordering, pickup and delivery of food.

Olo aims to equip restaurant brands with a food ordering solution that seamlessly handles their ordering operations and delivers a dynamic user experience. Xamarin became the perfect fit for them and it helped them deliver customized app solutions rapidly to each of their clients. The automated testing with Xamarin Test cloud allowed them to focus on more innovative features for their apps.

With their quick implementation and personalized touch of innovative features, Olo managed to build a very large client base for themselves. Till now, they have created custom apps for over 200 restaurant brands that cater to over 60 million users all over the U.S.

3. Siemens


Siemens is a German conglomerate company and the largest industrial manufacturer in Europe with its branches spread across the globe. It consists of a number of divisions which include Industry, energy, Healthcare etc.

Siemens launched a desktop software a while back that allowed designers and engineers to create complex models and product sketches. However, with the rise in the usage of mobile phones and tablets, they decided that their software too needed to go mobile. Using their software as a reference, Siemens’ Xamarin Developers  created the Catchbook App for the Android, iOS and Windows devices. Since they wanted to enter the mobile market quickly and cover as much market as possible, they made use of Xamarin to aid them.

The Catchbook app is similar to the Siemens desktop software in functionalities. However, the app allowed them to capture a larger market a lot more easily and in lesser time.

4. Pinterest


Pinterest is a free website that allows users to upload, save, sort and manage media content like images or videos. The media content uploaded on it is referred to as pins and they’re shared through collections known as pinboards.

Pinterest quickly drew a very large user base and hence decided to launch its mobile app to make things easier for their pinners. Since recruiting iOS App Developers and Android App Developers would waste time, they decided to make use of Xamarin and its Test Cloud. This allowed their engineers to code in the language of their preference and also gave them an opportunity to open up to a larger market. The Xamarin Test cloud allowed them to ensure that their pins were being displayed properly on all devices. It also allowed them to test their app on popular devices of international markets so they could expand their audience base.

Pinterest draws over 100 million monthly users and over 80% of them save and upload a number of ideas from their mobile devices. Xamarin helped Pinterest reach out to all their pinners whilst delivering a smooth user experience.

5. The World Bank


The World Bank is a component of the World Bank Group and is an international financial institution that provides loans to countries for various capital programs. The offcial goal of The World Bank is reduction of poverty and it consistently works to reach that.

In its fight towards economic equality, The World Bank conducts surveys in the poorest regions of the world for their research. They make use of tablets to collect survey data from tens of thousands of individuals. Using Xamarin and Visual basic, The World Bank was able to create complex apps that supported branching logic and answer based question customization. It also provided them with a faster more reliable method of data collection and analysis.

With the help of the Xamarin framework, The World Bank was able to create a reliable and well tested system to conduct their surveys. The app was used to collect data from over 30,000 people spread across 30 countries worldwide.

The above examples show how Xamarin can prove to be an incredible asset for a variety of industries. It can be used to support a range of functions and with a special emphasis on an improved quality of experience.