SfB Monitor is a real time tool for monitoring Skype for Business Call Quality. It is the brain child of Christian Burke from Microsoft Corporation. Team Matrid assisted as lead developer with Christian Burke to develop this wonderful tool. Once installed, it works seamlessly with the Skype. It provides a dashboard to monitor the call quality in the real time whilst still the call is going on. The project is specifically designed for the Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business Community.

Following is a glimpse of powerful features of SFB Monitor

  • SfB Monitor collects real-time data from thousands of Skype for Business Installations and pushes it to Microsoft Azure Server.
  • A user is being provided various configuration options which include enabling/disabling data capturing, enabling/disabling service hub, enabling/disabling SfB Monitor which makes possible to still run it in the background.
  • It runs in the notification area of the windows desktop.

SFB Monitor Features

  • SfB Monitor measures customer’s experiences with Skype for Business on more than 1,400 QoE (Quality of Experience) parameters.
  • Real-time QoE Data collected from thousands of Skype users is pushed to Microsoft Azure Event Hub which is then presented to the Azure ecosystem.  Data is moved through Stream Analytics to destinations like Document DB, Azure Blobs, and Azure Tables.  Data is also processed into Microsoft Power BI. It is pushed in JSON format into Azure. It assimilates all the information in one powerful Power BI Dashboard which provides rich and interactive reporting.
  • Azure Event Hub makes it possible for us to ingest millions of per second data collected and has made the SfB Monitor tool highly scalable. Further, we have implemented DocumentDB as an additional source of storage.

The SfB Monitor was presented at Microsoft’s Internal Technical Conference “TechReady” this past February 2016.  The product created a lot of buzz throughout the community and is being considered as a support tool amongst support and engineering teams and also technical specialists that are looking to gain further insight on the rich data gathering features of Skype for Business.

It is a quick installation of less than 4 MB.