Make your holiday e-commerce preparation vibrant with these simple but effective  tips for your ecommerce store. From promotions and discounts to enhancements / add-ons and tricks, this list covers it all:

Sure Shot Sale Booster: Deal Of The Day:

Start daily deals three weeks prior to Christmas. Get an add-on for you, keep changing daily deals on your home page. These add-ons provide facility to auto stop the deal as soon as the desired quantity is sold or to auto change product after a few hours, define deal products for many days in advance and more.

Add-ons are available for each sort of platform whether it is Magento,  AspDotNetStorefront or nopCommrece. Click here to check now.

Enhanced Look Of The Most Important Landing Page – The Product Page:

Product Page is the main selling page of your website. Enhance if for holidays. ‘On Sale’, ‘New Arrival’ tags get an immediate attraction, display prominently ‘You Save $s’, promote Cross Sells and Related Products in a new location on the page (footer of the page is an old style now!), a unique banner for the product page showing available discounts on that product or on other products on the website is a good way. Go for our Product Page revamp package for holidays.

Promote Your Star Products:

Put your most popular products on your home page or top of every category page, so as these have increased visibility. If possible for your product line, make most of the seasonal celebrations to update your product range with special Christmas items which reflect the current buying trends.

Decorate Your E-commerce Store Front:

To set the right mood before Christmas shopping kicks in, decorate your site as you do to your homes and liven up your e-store and spread the Christmas spirit.
• Change your site background theme with Christmas related graphics.
• Use festive colors like red, white, golden, sky blue etc.
• Give your logo a festive twist, example,add a Santa Claus hat with your logo or place a Christmas tree besides it.
• Design and decorate your homepage banners and your festive offers with festive motifs like Santa Claus, fireworks, ribbons etc. Click here to check now.

Deeper December Price Drive:

Price competition is tougher than ever – one of the reasons why many shoppers put off shopping until Christmas and the days after. It’s also time for the sellers to empty inventories and make room for newer supplies for the coming New Year. So go ahead make the prices for your leftover and discounted products plunge deeper. Empty your warehouse and give customers huge savings!

Do Not Stop Sales After Christmas!:

Keep the holiday marketing efforts going until the end of the year.The reality is that people are still in buying mode the week prior to New Year’s. Stay aggressive right up until the New Year with post-holiday specials.

Offer Discounts On Quantity:

Offer Quantity/volume discounts. Make sure that the discounts are highlighted during every stage of buying and checking out process. Show the comparison, volume decreases, discounts decreases too and vice versa. Offer discount in slabs. Show prominently the messages like:’ You are $100 away from the 20% discount’ etc.

Sell In Bundles:

Create bundles of the products and sell these as a Kit. Bundles help you provide prominent discounts to your customers whereas it also let you get rid of unsold inventories.Offer Product Bundling effectively. Bundling is an easy way of putting new product offerings together to compliment the product line. Bundled products are an easy way to get Bulk Sales. Make thoughtful and effective product bundles or kits, which can attract customers, then provide discounts over individual products. It will save you more dollars in net terms.

Abandon Cart Recovery:

Abandoned cart conversions are vital in ecommerce. Abandoned cart solutions give you an opportunity to bring that customer back to complete the transaction while it’s still fresh in their minds. A holiday buyer is more aggressive and flips through various websites before doing a final buy, so an immediate chase gives you a good chance of getting back the customer and finalize a sale. An Add-on for Magento and
AspDotNetStorefront is available right here. With this, you can get everything automated starting from a good template based email to automated discounts and offers. Click here to check now.

Track Your Order Facility:

A buyer waits more eagerly for the delivery of items purchased during holidays than bought anytime else in the year.

A Track Your Order Facility right on the home page of your website or in my account section is a great customer service even apart from the holiday season. Go for an Add-On Now.

Focus on Mobile Marketing:

How’s your mobile marketing strategy? Is your online store viewable in mobile devices? Be mobile ready before the holiday season else 33% percent of your customers may just abandon your website. During holidays, web surfing on the mobiles get aggressive than otherwise during the year. Click here to check now.

Send Emails Early And Often:

Leverage email marketing to reach out to your current customers and provide them with exclusive offers, including Black Friday sneak previews. Reminding existing customers of your business before the holidays will place your site into their consideration when they begin making those all-important holiday purchases.

Be Available:

Step up your support, as these droves of shoppers will need assistance at some point. Anticipate scenarios and always be ready with your store policies. Add Live Chat feature to your website .If you already have a Live Chat Feature make sure it’s open during peak hours of Christmas shopping. There’s nothing worse than having a live chat functionality that’s offline most of the time.

Make Your Returns And Exchanges Policy Prominent,

especially if you’re extending it for Christmas. When shoppers are feeling stressed; the reassurance of being able to send back a purchase can help capture significantly more sales.

Highlight Any Gift Wrapping Options

that will be available at checkout from the moment the user lands on the site.

Don’t Show out Of Stock Products:

Enable your ‘Hide When Out of Stock’ option within your ecommerce software. This will prevent a bad customer experience and any last-minute inventory pushes.

Use Site Search To Your Advantage:

Test your site search functionality to ensure user friendliness when shoppers are looking for specific products. Help customers find your products in search by enabling the “Did You Mean” configuration variable. That way, in case they misspell a word in their search on your site, they’ll notice and have a
chance to try again. Better, get it enhanced to an Advanced Search.

Feed Search Engines Something New:

Resubmit your site map sooner than later with new products and categories so search engines can index and rank them before the selling season takes off.

Utilize Meta Tags:

Adjust your meta tags on categories and popular products to include pertinent keywords that will help the page rank. An extension for effective and automated management of meta tags is also readily available.


Planning, organizing and managing the upcoming holiday season for your eCommerce website is not hard yet one thing not done right, you will topple from the highest cliff. The same strategies don’t work every year. We need to analyse and understand the needs of the customers. So use the strategies listed above and amaze your customers anytime and every time !!