Want to launch your mobile app? Here is an alarming statistic that will probably stop you in your tracks:

60% of the apps fail to monetize

Technical flaws and sloppy ideas are obviously included in this 60%, but a hefty chunk also comes from app developers and business owners who have this overnight riches mentality, a mentality that has already plagued online marketing.

They fail to realistically account for the time it takes for an app to monetize, and lose heart in a few days, scrapping the project altogether.

So what does it take to make it to the 40% of the revenue-based apps in the industry? In this article, we have compiled the top 12 tried and tested methods for marketing the app in an efficient manner for maximum success:

Initiate Marketing before its Launch – Maintaining Contact

A product should be marketed prior to its development. Relying on the development itself is a process half-completed. Look out for potential investors, entrepreneurs, and person of interests for furthering the app into mainstream market.

Forging a business relationship with people is highly imperative. It’s important to relay information constantly about the new app and give developing news as well. As the app is ready for use, it has a built-in market audience waiting already.

Consumers are Brand Ambassadors

Consumers are the vertebra of a business. They act as brand ambassadors spreading it via various avenues such as, especially the internet.

As per a market survey, 5% increase in consumer retention can raise a firm’s profit returns by 75%. Obtain reviews of the app from users as well as tips for improvement. Can the app be further improved? Consumers are the mainstay of any business and their continuous input will update the app, striking chords with their demands.

Leveraging Mobile Website

In case the mobile website has a dedicated audience, then exploit it to the maximum. These loyal enthusiasts will be more than happy to use the app on a trial basis. Develop and augment the architecture more, simplifying it for the users.


Another widespread misconception among app developers is considering sales pitches to be only form of marketing. Of course, you need to ask people to download your app, but equal time should be given to content-based info marketing. Blog about your app, explain its use, take screenshots, and also provide video walk-throughs. The more you educate, the more you sell.


Email marketing is still in vogue. As per various studies, 91% of employed individuals check their emails on a day to day basis. Capitalizing on this very information, mass market your new app to various consumers via emails and newsletters.

Demo Video

Short-list the most creative individual for making a demo video. The video should be short, entertaining, funny, conveying the entire message aptly. Publish the video on YouTube as well apart from publishing on blogs and sending directly to potentials.

4+ Review is a Necessity

It is the consumers who will decide the value of the app depending on its application, cost, and operational efficiency. Users can make or break an app, regardless of its price. Test, retest, and test some more for minimizing errors and ironing out bugs. Ensure that the app is competent enough to earn a 4+ rating. Start building positive reviews from your social circle. All the other steps hugely depend on this initial one.

A Game Changing App

Apple Inc. prides itself in dictating consumer tastes rather than responding to them. But what works for Apple Inc. (or Microsoft and Sony for that matter) may not necessary work for you. Most first-time app developers believe they are introducing the next best thing, only to find a dozen similar apps on iOS or Android!

Make no mistake about; your app needs to be fresh and innovative. But fresh and innovative means jack when there is no market for it. So do your research before developing an app. An application that solves a user’s problem is almost always a hit.

Starting Out Free

You should release your first app free to download. Most new developers don’t take this risk because they think they will not be able to monetize the app in future. But many expereinced mobile app development companies and freelancers will totally disagree. You can always introduce a lite version of the app, leaving some room for a paid app. For instance, a lot of developers offer a free app all the while advertising a paid version that is ‘ad-free’ or contains additional levels (in case of games).

App stores

Never stay limited to iOS and Google Play. Apart from them, there are a few other app stores on the cloud. The app can be uploaded there for tapping into more consumers. As per a survey, uploading an app on diverse platforms increases the app download by 200%. Listed below are app stores akin to Google Play and iOS:

  • AppBrain
  • AppsLib
  • SlideMe
  • GetJar
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Opera Mobile Store

Contesting for awards

Every year a number of iOS and Android App developers paticipate in various mobile app competitions, pitching their apps and ideas. Competing in such competitions is by far one of the best methods of building an app’s audience and reaching out to a wider audience. Winning app awards has the following advantages:

  • Press coverage
  • Media coverage
  • Online exposure
  • Millions of downloads

The probability of winning app awards depends on the idea and its pitching. Listed below are the famous app awards:

  • Apple design awards
  • Appcircus competition
  • Appy awards
  • Best app ever awards
  • Ericsson application awards
  • Ozapp
  • Webby awards
  • Appsters awards
  • Best mobile app awards


SEO moves mountains in terms of mass marketing a product. For instance, a particular app should show up before users have started their search for that particular app. SEO works wonders in maximizing internet audience yielding maximum downloads. The secret recipe is to enhance the search with specific keywords the users will use for searching that particular app. Use these resources for SEO in app marketing:

  • Searchman
  • MobileDevHQ

Finally, maintain an online presence on social media websites such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to maintain an audience looking for new products. Respond to feedback and give them the software on a trial basis. Fix bugs and keep their demands in mind. But equally important is building an entrepreneurial network with other developers by offering and recovering professional favors.

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