As discussed in the previous article, Wearable Apps: An overview into a new app ecosystem the wearable app industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing at an exponential rate. A movement that started as simple activity trackers is now evolving into something entirely unique and creative with the sole purpose of improving the quality of life. Technology and mobile app development companies  are consistently working together to make the evolution of the wearable app development a success. So far, it is being incredibly well received by the people and hence it seems like they have been succeeding really well in their efforts.

However, there are still many possibilities that the wearable apps can deliver which can be incredibly beneficial. Some amazing possibilities of wearable apps include:

1. Energy and Calorie Tracking App Development


Although, activity tracking apps are already popular, they still have a lot of scope. As of now, most of the apps and wearables are limited to the amount of steps walked, the pulse rate, the time of inactivity etc.

With a little more work, apps can be developed to measure the total amount of calories consumed, the amount of calories used, the energy utilized during a workout and overall health. All the data will be recorded and then assessed to recommend changes in lifestyle, workouts, diet plans, eating habits etc. to the users through their smartphones in order to achieve their goal. This app can be developed by Xamarin Developers  in order to make it compatible with all platforms. It will be immensely useful for anyone to maintain a healthy daily life.

2. Security Alerts App Development 


One untapped area for the wearable tech and app industry is security. As of now, not a lot of work has been put into this. But it has a lot of potential no matter. Apps can be developed for gadgets to track and locate, record a live feed, send alerts etc. for security purposes.

These can be used for important objects like wallets, folders etc. These can be especially useful for pet owners who will be able to track and even watch a live feed from the device’s camera on their phones to see if their pets are fine. And why just pets, they can be also used to protect little children.

3. Enterprise Applications App Development 


Another untapped industry with a lot of lucrative potential. Enterprises can utilize wearable apps in a number of ways. One such way could be replacing the security and building badges with apps for wearable devices that authenticate a user’s entry into the building through Near Field Communication.

Apart from this, the apps can also be used to send bulk notifications to employees, send informational messages, or even collaborate with them. It could also be used to measure the productivity of employees by analyzing a number of factors to help employers improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

4. Hands-Free Information Guide App Development 


Wearable apps can be of tremendous aid in displaying important information in a number of situations. For instance, during a surgery, a doctor’s undue attention is paramount for its success. Apps for wearable tech like Google Glasses can display vital information like the patient’s health stats during the surgery, an augmented view of the organs inside etc. thereby helping the doctor maintain his/her attention.

Another application could be in the field of manufacturing where wearable apps could detect the presence of hazardous chemicals or material, could provide instructions on the next step of the process etc.

5. Stored Data Management and Sharing App Development 


Nowadays a lot of our data is spread out and stored in a variety of places. Often times, it becomes a little difficult to easily have access to all of this data. For instance, files, folders and documents are stored in drives, software backups and their data in cloud storages and data from various apps like chat history, contacts, and notes are stored in the app itself. Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to all of the data simply from your watch?

A wearable app would be able to extract any data from any source as specified by the user. This data can then be accessed and even shared through the watch itself. A new incoming document or data in any of the above sources could also be accessed through the watch itself. For instance, a new email to your id could be read and then even forwarded to others through the watch itself. By making the hardware a little more equipped, all the above actions could also be programmed to work with voice commands.

6. Payment Processing App Development 


With the current scenario of technology, wireless transactions are becoming more and more popular. The reasons being that these are safer and a lot easier to process. It liberated people from the need to withdraw and keep huge sums of cash with them at all times. The same even applies to coupons, discount offers and tickets. Businesses nowadays prefer providing customers with discounts, coupons and other offers electronically. Not only does this save a lot on printing costs, but is also more efficient and easy to create.

A wearable app could make it possible to carry out all transactions, orders and store coupons in one small gadget. All your wireless payment options could be synched with the app. So the next time a user wanted to make a payment, all they would have to do is get a QR code generated on their device scanned and the payment would automatically be transferred to the respected account. It would also have a manual function to carry out transactions manually in case of online orders.

The same QR code functionality could also be used to have access to coupons and discounts by various businesses. The coupon code or QR code could directly be received or even downloaded to the device. So the next time the user orders, they could scan the code at checkout with only the discounted price being deducted.

7. Advanced Gaming App Development 


The gaming industry is a $91 billion industry. This number itself is good enough to excite entrepreneurs and business owners to introduce something unique and creative in it. Wearable apps offer that uniqueness in it. Wearable gadgets and accompanying apps have the potential to offer a completely new experience to gamers all over the world and a different level of monetary benefits to businesses.This is why the gaming industry leaders like Sony are continuously working to deliver these experiences.

A wearable gaming app would typically be developed by AR app developers  or even VR developers. These apps would be installed in VR headsets or other similar devices. The headsets would change the entire environment of the user according to the respective game. The controls could be either using a controller or even based on motion sensing. The gaming app would also store a user’s progress, connect with other players around the world with the help of internet connectivity for a multiplayer experience etc. As a whole, the app would deliver an entirely new experience within an entirely new environment.

These are just a few examples of what wearable apps and gadgets together can achieve. The wearable app market is yet in its infancy. However, it holds a lot of room for creativity and a plethora of highly profitable opportunities for businessmen and entrepreneurs to grab. No wonder even companies like Google, Apple, Samsung etc. continuously dedicate a significant part of their resources to reap the benefits of this industry.