Yatin Kumar

Yatin Kumar

About Yatin Kumar

Project Manager Yatin, who is often referred to as “Sensei” by his team, is a diligent project manager and the AVP of Matrid Technologies. With a ton of coding experience and expertise Yatin is mostly found deeply indulged in his code mostly creating the perfect solution for the most impossible tasks and succeeding, unsurprisingly. Apart from his code, he loves to take long walks in the park often gossiping about his day with his friends.

PHP, DotNet or Java – how to select the language for your dream project

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How Digital Technology is Making Healthcare Less Painful

Digital products, channels and processes are now part of many healthcare institutions worldwide. Many such institutions have enabled new operating models based on advanced analytics. This is partly due to the fact that patients are now comfortable with the use of digital networks and services.
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