There isn’t a need for an introduction for this iOS and Android App that has taken its users like a storm. With its daily user numbers crossing that of Tinder and reaching the point to cross Twitter soon, this app has made a very rapid place in the app world. Even though this wasn’t Nintendo’s first attempt at an Augmented Reality game, there is no doubt that “Ingress”proved to be a stepping stone for the success of Pokémon Go.

There has been a lot of information on how local businesses can grow and drag in customers using a few tricks and techniques. For example, there was recently a news about a Pizza Place in Queens increasing its business by 75 per cent using an in app power up (incense), to draw Pokémon in its vicinity, worth $10. With regard to this, the internet flooded with articles and blogs on how local businesses could lure in customers and how Nintendo could actually start generating a lot of business for itself by selling some advantages to them. However, there hasn’t yet been a sign of Nintendo turning to such a business model, but it can be said that it won’t be long before it is persuaded to do so.

But apart from this clatter over the topic of money and marketing, why not stop and have a look at what good can be brought out of this opportunity presented in front of us. After all, the true value of the world is not just gold and riches but smiles and wishes too.

Animal Shelter Volunteering: Well, this isn’t new but a while back an Indiana Animal shelter came up with the idea of providing Pokémon Go players dogs to walk around the city. Since most of these dogs were stray and distressed, a little walking adventure for them would help improve their mental health and of course provide the player with a little company and safety. Safety How, you ask? Well, with a dog along your side, you know it won’t just let you walk right into a ditch or in front of an approaching car. Its constant barks could keep reminding you of where you were walking.


Old Age Shelters and Orphanages Volunteering: As it is already known, the Pokémon Go app is a battery draining app and it becomes frustrating if your phone switches off during the game. Well, apart from restaurants and other stores providing charging stations, why not have them at orphanages or old age homes where a private charging station can be provided in return for half an hour’s volunteering at the place. Also, having PokéStops and PokéGyms at such places could also be beneficial. Not only would it bring these organizations to be noticed in the eyes of the public, but the growing attention received would spread smiles across the faces of the people under their care. Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone smile because of you?

But of course, why just stop at smiles, because a little spoils too are important for a good life, isn’t it? So why just small and local businesses, but even the medium and big players can benefit from the wonderful opportunity presented in front of them. Here’s how:

Promotion of Businesses: With the given success of teams in Pokémon Go, organizations could increase their visibility among the crowd by giving away free t-shirts to popular teams, asking them to wear it whenever they are out playing and also organize meets for them at places of interest. While doing this, why not just throw in some PokéGym competitions at their place of business so that teams can challenge each other to conquer the gyms.


In app Rewards: Be it clothing stores, restaurants or even electronic shops, everyone can catch the eye of customers by providing them with in app rewards based on their purchases. For this, however, we might have to wait for the next Pokémon Go update that allows trading among players. But that point isn’t really far. And why just in app rewards, give the customers some discounts on achieving a benchmark, probably like capturing a rare Pokémon, and have a selfie clicked with them at the place of your business and spread it on all social media platforms with no exceptions.

It would not be wrong to say that there are an endless amount of opportunities that could be exploited through this app and there are no limitations to any field whatsoever, in this regard.

So, does it have to stop at Pokémon Go? Of course not, with the base laid out by Nintendo, we can definitely say that it doesn’t stop here. Really soon the market’s going to be flooded with Augmented Reality (AR) games getting their users hooked on their phones. As a matter of fact, a number of people have already begun to lay out drafts for their AR app ideas to exponentially meet their business goals. It is the ripe time for every entrepreneur or business to think for an App for their business, whether direct selling Apps or indirect modes of clinging customers to your brand or the AR way; need to catch the bandwagon before it gets too late.

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