Nowadays, mobile apps have become an important tool for businesses for driving forward their profitability and growth. By getting developed high quality, easy to use and engaging apps, businesses can connect with maximum number of customers. They can build and strengthen customer loyalty and improve their brand recognition and visibility. Through the apps, businesses can send their customers updates about their new products, discounts, etc. and let them make purchases easily, faster, at any time and from any place.

Mobile apps also bring benefits to customers in terms of letting them make their online purchases smoothly, in less time, as per their specific preferences and without needing to fill in their information. They remain updated about the interesting events and attractive offers from businesses. Also, they can keep in touch with businesses fast.

Here are some new and interesting mobile app ideas for 2019 which businesses can take inspiration from, to get developed an app which can let them better connect with their customers and boost their growth, profits and success.

  • A digital mall navigation app that stores the digital map of all the shopping malls in a particular city or area can be of great help to users. Through it, they can navigate the map, get the directions to reach a mall, check a store, restaurant, etc. located there or know the status of its parking space.
  • A graphical restaurant reservation app can enable customers to check a restaurant’s graphical layout, choose particular seats/table and make the booking for a particular time.
  • An on-demand wash app can enable a car washing business’s customers to order a car wash from their home at any time and inform how they want their car washed.
  • A virtual exam study app can let students meet and prepare for an exam along with other students. They can share guides and free study tools, hold discussions and help each other.
  • An online flower and gift delivering app where users can schedule a deliveries for the upcoming birthdays of their friends, relatives and others. They can automatically choose the best flowers/gifts for their near and dear ones and place an order for home delivery.
  • An online navigation app that enables users to take the less explored yet interesting route to a place based on their individual interests.
  • A fast supermarket checkout app that enables customers to automatically scan the products on their mobile app while shopping. It will enable them to obtain more information about the products and pay for them through the available e-payment options.
  • A total security control app that will enable users to control all the security devices and equipment within their house or office space. Through it, they can open the door, check camera footage, etc.
  • A virtual interior designer app will enable a user to click a picture of his home, office, etc. and visualize the various available design options like colours, objects, curtains, etc. for designing and beautifying it. It will also recommend him the places from where he can buy the required interior design items.
  • Finance and bill management app that manages users’ finances on the basis of their bills. It will send them payment due date alerts and split bills among co-inhabitants and send alerts to them.
  • A social networking app that enables a user to make friends or connect with his existing friends to purchase and sell items online. It will let users make recommendations on products and search and buy products as per their friends’ suggestions.
  • A voice language translation app will translate the spoken words of a person in real time, so it can be understood by a person speaking a different language. It can be of great help to tourists and businesses exploring new markets in other areas.
  • A real-time car sharing app will allow users to enlist their cars while traveling to any place. So other users can share the ride if it is coming through their area and split the ride cost.
  • A receipt management app will store all the receipts and bills of a user a single place. So they need not be managed manually. It will also provide them the option to receive receipts from the stores directly on their app.
  • A task scheduling and motivation app will remind users of their routine to-do tasks and inspire them to perform the tasks that they are less willing to do like waking up on time, doing exercise, reading books, etc.
  • A tenant finder and communication app will enable landlords to find potential tenants and communicate with them directly and without any dealer. It will also let tenants share with their existing landlords property-related issues, maintenance needs, etc. Also, they can pay rent through the app.
  • A cheap delivery and postal app will help users find the best delivery option available in their local area as per the kind, location, weight and size of a product to be delivered.
  • A travel suggestion app will scan automatically and find the best places to visit. It will also help a user know worth doing activities at a place. It can also suggest him the top restaurants, hotels, etc. and also review these facilities.
  • A transport alert app will help users to ride their buses on time by alerting them about bus timings, schedule, change of time, delay, etc. Through GPS, it can help them keep track of the running status of a bus in real time.
  • A social eat-together app will help users find the ideal eating companion for themselves every day as per their location, schedule and preferences.
  • A tax app that will enable users to keep records of all their income, expenses, business supplies, tax transactions, etc. It will also help taxpayers to calculate their tax liability for a specific period.
  • An app for hiring contractors online can enable users to compare different service providers and choose among them the one that best suits their budget and needs. It will let users post their requirements, budget and the time they are available online. The contractors will be able to see the users’ ads, reply to them and clinch the deals.
  • A book review app will enable readers to take a picture of a book and get reviews of it instantly from book review platforms. So they can decide whether they should buy or read a given book or not.
  • A goal management and sharing app will allow users to create life goals and monitor their level of achievement. They can also share them with others and find the people sharing the same goals. This will enable users to support each other for achieving their goals.
  • A health inspection app can help users keep track of their illness history, health records and clinic visits. It will also alert them about their regular health checkup appointments and provide them the doctor’s phone number.
  • A money lending manager app will help users keep track of the people who owe them money and those people to whom they owe money. It will share with them the names of such people, the amount they have to pay, due dates, etc. It will also alert users about due dates and enable them to make timely payments through integrated payment options.
  • A farm source app can be used by health conscious people to find the exact place where grains, vegetables and fruits are organically grown and gain other related information about farmers growing them.
  • A brand identifier app will enable users to extract more information about a specific item’s brand by simply scanning its logo or brand tag. It may also share with users some brand references and reviews from existing users for providing them more assistance.
  • An anti-smartphone addiction app will be equipped with some useful features that will help people avoid getting addicted to their phones. It will send them overuse alerts, provide them useful tips and suggestions for reduced phone usage, etc.
  • A restaurant management app will help restaurant owners manage various aspects of their business including placing supply orders, maintaining their staff and inventory, comparing prices of different items for grocery shopping, etc.

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