Hospitality businesses serve the people who are fond of travelling to exciting and picturesque places for relaxing themselves and enjoying quality time. These businesses provide travellers, mainly services like food and drink, lodging and transport. Hotels, restaurants, motels, resorts, theme parks, travel agents, cruise lines, airlines and car rental services fall in the hospitality industry category.

Hospitality businesses have their own set of challenges like wooing maximum travellers to hire their services for generating more revenue, managing their operations and reducing their costs. So they are looking for the solutions which can help them effectively deal with these challenges.

Are you a hospitality business owner or manager, looking for advice regarding a solution that can help solve your business challenges? Stay tuned. We are about to unveil the technology that can help you provide that solution. The technology is called ASP.Net. Offered by Microsoft, it is used for building dynamic, high performing and secure web applications and websites. Before we talk more about the ways in which you can use ASP.Net for managing your business problems and challenges, we would first like to tell you about its advantages.


  1. Less code
  2. ASP.Net reduces the huge amount of coding required for building large sized and complex web applications, thus, saving the time and effort of developers.

  3. Increased performance
  4. Smart caching technologies, just-in-time compilation and native optimization help to enhance the performance of ASP.Net.

  5. Code reusability
  6. Developers are able to reuse the code in .Net platform and various other programming languages that are capable of communicating with each other.

  7. Easy to learn
  8. As the syntax of ASP.Net is intuitive and can be easily learned, even developers having minimal programming knowledge can build ASP.Net applications for the first time.

  9. Allows the building of diverse solutions
  10. diverse solution

    A variety of solutions like social networking sites, business and corporate websites, web-based applications, custom customer relationship management and custom content management systems can be built by using ASP.Net.

  11. Highly reliable and secure
  12. The built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration provided by Microsoft renders ASP.Net extremely reliable and secure. Also, its source code is protected with an open source license.

  13. Cost efficient and fast
  14. With ASP.Net, websites and web applications can be built in less time and budget. Also, it allows many ways for resolving complicated development challenges.

  15. Easy cross-platform migration
  16. Processes related to cross-platform migration, configuration and deployment can be easily performed in ASP.Net.

  17. MVC, Web Forms and Web Pages
  18. These are three types of ASP.Net framework provided by Microsoft. They help developers choose the ideal type of ASP.Net development for each project.

MVC or Model – Views – Controllers is a pattern which makes it easy for developers to build a better quality product. This consequently saves their time in managing the workflow’s complexity. It is a perfect choice for serious projects as it allows developers to do customizations to the MVC patterns and behaviour.

Web Forms are the kind of framework that provides more control to developers and requires less amount of coding than MVC on the same type of project. So web forms are preferred for building small sized and fast applications. They are suitable for rapid application development.

Web Pages are a simple ASP.NET framework. They allow less experienced professionals to practice PHP with HTML. They are ideal for rapid application development and web forms. Web pages are easily maintainable and lessen the amount of coding required.

After knowing the advantages, it is now time to discover the various ways in which you can use ASP.Net development for resolving your hospitality business challenges.

  1. Build a dynamic website
  2. You can get built a dynamic and user friendly website in ASP.Net from an experienced dot net company which automatically updates the status of the rooms in your hotel or resort as guests occupy or vacate them. So it becomes easy for travellers to find the rooms which are currently vacant and that suit their particular requirements like accommodation for family, couple or businessmen. Also, they can also conveniently book the rooms from their device.

    In case, you are a hotel/restaurant owner or manager which offers online home delivery of food, you can get built a website which allows food lovers to order food dishes of their choice from their mobile, laptop or tablet. It enables them to check various details about dishes like the ingredients used, names of chefs preparing them, price, number of orders for the particular dish on that day, etc. before ordering them.

  3. Develop an airline booking portal
  4. If you are a travel agent who wants to attract more customers towards a variety of exciting travel deals involving various breathtaking destinations around the world, you can get built an airline booking portal in ASP.Net. It will show both domestic and international flights from different airlines that are scheduled to travel to various places. By analysing the price, date, time, place and other related information, tourists can determine the most suitable flight for them and ask you to book it for them. While tourists will get a discount on their flights, you will be able to capture more business.
    Car hire services can also get built such a booking portal trs book theicars wito let traveller h ease from their device while they are travelling to various worth visiting places globally or when they are simply planning their travel.

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  5. Create a web application for restaurant table reservations
  6. If you own a restaurant that receives a huge number of diners, some of which do not get a free table for enjoying the food, then you can resolve this problem by getting built a web application in ASP.Net for managing the restaurant table reservations.
    By using the application, food lovers can book a free table for dining before coming to your restaurant. So when they arrive, they can straight away occupy that table and order food items of their choice and start enjoying them. This will help them enjoy a seamless food experience in your restaurant without wasting time in waiting for their turn.

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  7. Build a hotel management software
  8. If you are a hotel owner or manager, you can get built a hotel management software in ASP.Net. It will help you automate the processes associated with the day to day activities in your hotel. The software will consist of different integrated modules, each one of which will manage a particular task or aspect of your hotel.

    The room management module in the software will allow authorized users to view the current status of all the rooms in the hotel. The reservation module will enable an employee to make a new reservation when a guest arrives at the hotel, record checkout as well as find all the reservations made by a customer. The employee management module will enable a manager and receptionist to manage the employee information, including verifying the password given to an employee, adding a new employee and editing an existing employee.

    The accounting module in the software will help the hotel owner or manager in keeping track of the accounting related information like amount payable to suppliers and amount to be received from the customers. The product management module will help the manager keep track of inventory of various items used in the hotel like cleaning supplies, food items, etc. The module will allow the manager to add new suppliers, edit existing suppliers, add new products and edit existing products.

    Using the software will help to make your hotel’s functioning more organized and efficient as well as let you achieve various objectives like avoiding duplication of data, doing away with paperwork, saving of time and costs, automatic validation of data, promoting user friendliness, ensuring data reliability and security, achieving quick data insertion and access and checking the hotel’s performance easily.

Apart from the above mentioned ways, there are many other ways in which you can utilize the potential and capabilities of ASP.Net for building a solution for effectively resolving the problems and challenges faced by your hospitality business and for making its functioning more organized and efficient.

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