Owning a house is a dream of every person where he can live in peace and love with his family. It is not just a place to live for him, but also something which aligns with the vision of his life. Buying a house is not like buying any commodity from the market. Investing in a property requires years of financial and strategic planning. The inability to physically visit and inspect properties available for sale near their existing location or another city due to lack of time, difficulty in contacting the property owners for holding price negotiations, not being able to buy a house quickly and within their budget, paying real estate agents for seeking their help and advice, complex legal documentation procedure for purchasing a property, etc., make house buying a challenging affair.

Challenges are not only encountered by house buyers, real estate companies and agents also have their own set of challenges like increased competition from rival agents, difficulty in marketing their business and attracting more customers to hire their services, etc.

Real estate companies and professionals can effectively address such challenges faced by themselves as well as those encountered by their clients (house buyers and sellers) by getting developed a unique and professional real estate mobile app from a specialist mobile application development company.

But Why Not a Website?

  • As per a study made by Adobe, people using mobiles spend more time on apps than they do on websites.
  • Apps are faster and more adapted for mobile devices than websites.
  • They have access to the hardware of mobile phones, so many mobile-specific features like the use of the camera, push notifications, etc. can be included in them.
  • House buyers or sellers do not like using mobile websites for doing research on the real estate listings. Instead, they prefer the use of a real estate agent app for researching the property listings.
  • Realtor users have found the functionality of apps to be better than the functioning of mobile websites.

Advantages for Property Dealing Professionals

Advantages for Property Dealing Professionals

Let us now find out the benefits a real estate app provides for the real estate companies and agents:-

1. Enhanced Marketing and Branding

With mobile apps for real estate agents in place, property dealing companies and agents need not utilize the traditional forms of marketing like giving ads in newspapers or radio, printing brochures, flyers etc. which can be quite costly. The apps enable them to better and cost-effectively market their business. They also allow them to easily communicate with their clients. Through the apps, they can quickly inform the users about their special deals and offers.

As the real estate app enables the companies and agents to target the right audience and communicate effectively with them, consequently they can get more prospective customers. This eventually translates into more revenue for them and pushes further the growth of their business. Also, the app property dealing businesses increase the engagement levels of their users and convert more customers.

The mobile app also enables the agents and companies to build a unique and strong identity of their business and increase the visibility of their brand among the users. As the users get to see their app’s logo on their mobile phone time and again, they can recognize their brand. It also promotes customers’ loyalty to their brand.

Enterprise Application

2. Be More Competitive

Nowadays, there is intense competition in the real estate industry. Property dealing companies and agents compete against each other to attract the same set of buyers and sellers. With a mobile app, they can reach out to more property buyers and sellers, better connect with them and impress them to use their services. Thus, they can better compete against the rival real estate companies and agents with more resources and those not having a realtor app.

3. Show Listings to Potential Buyers

Show Listings to Potential Buyers

A big database of a real estate Android app enables agents to show many listings to potential buyers. These listings contain useful information about the properties available for sale in terms of their photographs, price, number of rooms, their physical location and address, etc. When users search the kind of properties they need in the app, they get shown only the most relevant property listings. These show properties in an extremely appealing manner along with the related information, which entices users to contact the concerned real estate firms or brokers for making a purchase.

4. Get Feedback from Customers

A real estate app enables agents and companies to elicit feedback from their customers in terms of their comments/suggestions. Based on this feedback, they can bring improvements in their business, which ultimately will help them increase their potential customers and boost their business’s growth.

Benefits for Property Buyers

Let’s now tell you about the gains a real estate app can provide to property buyers:-

1. Quick Searching of Properties

Different buyers have different property requirements that vary in terms of the house’s location, its style, amount of accommodation, price, the kind of facilities around the property, etc. The search and filters in the real estate apps for iPhone enable buyers to find houses and properties exactly as per their choice. The apps let them get all the details about the available properties which renders the house finding process quicker for them. Due to easy and fast searches, realtors can attract new potential customers and their users can get an improved experience.

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2. Saving of Time and Hassles

Visiting the properties personally to see if they are suitable for their housing needs takes a lot of time of the buyers. It is not always possible for them to devote time for property viewing due to their professional and familial commitments. Also, it is difficult for buyers to get the contact details of property owners to negotiate the price and discuss other relevant details with them. Buyers also need to meet the agents, so they can arrange deals for them. All this makes property buying a hassle and a time consuming affair. But with a real estate app, buyers can connect and communicate with an agent quickly and easily, who can arrange some great deals for them, thus making purchasing property easy and hassle free.

3. Round the Clock Support

Through the app, property buyers can remain connected with an agent and get support from him 24 hours a day throughout the week. All the queries they raise through the app will get answered adequately by the agent. He can guide them properly on various property related matters. His guidance and advice make the buyers feel at ease.

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4. Renders Sales Process Fast

As the real estate app enables buyers to find a property in the easiest manner, this helps to speed up their sales process. As they are able to find the right property at the right price, they can simply go ahead to purchase it. So they need not spend a lot of time thinking about their property purchasing decisions. Consequently, the brokers can also act fast to make purchases for their clients.

5. Facilitates Location-based House Hunting

Some people are interested in buying properties or homes that are located near their current location. Geo-location tagging feature in the realtor app is quite useful for such buyers. It utilizes a smartphone’s GeoTag or GPS location to enable users to hunt houses on the basis of location. The feature enables them to view the properties or homes located near their present location in real-time on a map.

6. Enables Direct Communication

The real-time messaging feature in a real estate app enables buyers to communicate in a direct, fast and hassle free manner with property dealing agents and house owners. So buyers don’t require their personal contact numbers for communicating with them.

7. Calculation of Mortgage Payment

Calculation of Mortgage Payment

A realtor app is equipped with a simple, easy to use and precise mortgage calculator. By using it, users can conveniently find out their estimated monthly mortgage payment. So they can know clearly whether they can afford buying a given house. Apart from calculating the cost of purchasing their new house, it also helps them calculate the refinancing amount. The app also contains an interest rate calculator which enables the users to calculate the interest rate for home loans. It helps them get an estimate of their interest payment along with insurance and taxes.

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After becoming aware of the benefits that a real estate mobile app can provide for your property dealing business and clients, it is now time for you to take the next step to hire Android app developer for getting built a unique, high performance and user friendly realtor app. While hiring the developer, make sure he has adequate experience in this field and he belongs to an expert and reputed mobile app development company like Matrid Technologies.