This year, more than 20,000 people are expected to attend Microsoft Ignite. So amidst all that crowd, apart from scheduling your sessions, there will also be a need to prioritize who to acquaint with. So here are five reasons to schedule a meet with Matrid Tech at MS Ignite.

1. No Special Scheduling Required



Amidst your busy schedule of attending sessions, we know it’s going to be difficult to take out time easily to network. Not for us though. Our team is going to be roaming around the convention center attending seminars and such just like you. So you won’t need to specially take out time for us, just call us at 209-446-7194 even while having lunch or breakfast and we will be there to accompany you.

2. We Are Great Company

Well, now it’s for sure you are going to bump into us any time. So why not just tag along. Your journey from one seminar to another or even around the expo hall might just become more fun and interesting. All your long boring walks from one place to another are just going to become fun times you look forward to. We are great company and we pride ourselves on that.

3. Follow up Meeting, Our Treat!



Who doesn’t love to have a nice warm cup of coffee along with a delicious muffin or cookie? Maybe even two:) or the soft or hard drinks. So after having a great time at MS Ignite together, we would be glad to spend some more time and also share a drink or a cup of coffee, whichever you prefer. We’ll be buying and that should give you all the more reason to look us up.

4. Discuss one to tone the Most Cost Effective Indian Pricing:

You really don’t need to worry about us forcefully shoving some product at you consistently because we aren’t selling anything. We are just offering our ready to serve development services – on Tap, very Experienced though cost effective developers as per your specific project requirements. And what’s better? You’ll be getting a clear reference of the Indian pricing with every intricate detail. To add on, you’ll also get a more clear idea of who you’re going to get into business with.

5. Delicious Indian Sweets



That’s right. Indians are really fond of sweets and even more than that, we are really fond of distributing sweets to others. We believe in spreading the sweetness wherever we go. So don’t forget to look out for us, and apart from all the fun and business, we will have you drooling over the taste of our classic Indian sweets. That’s a guarantee!