It has become pretty obvious by now why we’re talking about the Georgia World Congress Center. For those of you still wondering why was this chosen out of the blue? Well, this is where MS Ignite is going to be held next week. So for all the foodies attending MS Ignite and also for those who would be feeling a little adventurous with their dining preferences, here’s a list of places close to the MS Ignite venue you should give a try.

1. Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria:
Looking for a quick bite during the lunch hours and in the mood for some pizza? Well then, go ahead and grab a seat at this Pizzeria serving one of the best pizzas around. Their quick service and awesome song collection playing in the back will just make you fall in love with this place.

2. Der Biergarten:
Looking to try some authentic German food you say. Well, Atlanta has you covered. One of the most recommended places for dinner, especially for tourists, treat yourself to a large selection of German beer and cuisines. Not a fan of German food. Well, they will definitely change your mind.

3. Twin Smokers BBQ :
This amazing place fulfills all your meat cravings with complete justice. The mouth-watering beef brisket will leave you wanting for more. The friendly staff and the comfortable seating just adds to the awesomeness of this place.

4. Stats :
After a long day of networking and socializing, if you wish to hang out with your new found friends from Ignite, this is the perfect place for you to grab a few drinks, talk and enjoy some great food. Also, it’s an amazing place to catch a game along with your new friends.

5. Legal Sea Food:
Well, if you’re in the mood for sea food, then you’re in luck. This place offers some of the best sea food in town. Also, if you’re planning to go here at night and the weather is really good, make sure you get a seat in the balcony. The lovely weather, the overhead view of the aquarium and the lovely food are all just going to add to the fact that this was probably the best decision you ever made.

6. Chick-fil-A :
You’ve probably heard of this lace a lot and perhaps even tried one of its other branches as well. However, Atlanta is home to Chick-fil-A and this is what makes this even more special. So if you’re looking to grab a quick bite of some of the most amazing burgers in town, you owe yourself a trip to this place.

7. Johnny Rockets :
If you too are a fan of sandwiches and shakes, well then, this is one place you should definitely visit. The staff here is really warm and friendly so if you had a stressful day at Ignite and all you’re looking for is a good sandwich and an amazing shake served by one of the friendliest staff, this is where you should definitely drop by.

8. Ruth’s Chris Steak House :
Sometimes, all you need is a thick juicy steak at the end of the day to kill the beast inside. So if your wallet can still take a hit and you want to retire to a nice evening after a fulfilling meal, say hello to Ruth’s Chris Steak house.

9. Park Avenue Deli :
Is Korean food your preference, or you are you still just feeling adventurous to try new food. Whatever be the case, this Deli provides you with the most amazing Korean food around without being a burden to your wallet. If you have time, you should also stop by this place to have a nice classic breakfast to lighten up your day.

10. Waffle House :
Is there anything else left to say? The name itself gets you drooling and thinking about hot waffles served with maple or chocolate syrup. So if you’re out at midnight and suddenly you feel the urge to have some amazing waffles, just start walking towards the sky wheel and you shall be guided to this heaven.