It’s a known fact that websites are a digital impression of a business and reflect its brand, its image online. Clothing websites too follow the same pattern and rely heavily on displaying their dress samples on models. Their prime goal is to get a user exploring the website and their products, with the ultimate goal being the users buying those products. Given below are the Top 10 examples of clothing and fashion website designs that urge visitors to do exactly this.

1. MPG


MPG keeps things simple and concise on its website. While displaying their latest trend in one amazing banner image, they make sure that users find it easy to navigate to what they want on the website.

2. Dainty Jewells


The Dainty Jewells website maintains its brand image through its carefully designed website. With a touch of traditionalism, the website maintains its place as a part of the modern era.

3. Abercrombie and Fitch


The Abercrombie website follows a minimalistic design approach really well that gives the user an idea about the whole website in a few scrolls on the homepage itself. The navigation is concise too.

4. Scotch and Soda


By displaying the image of the sole product (and not just on the models) on hovering over it, the Scotch and Soda website ensures that their products are shown well at the first glance itself. It reduces the time the user has to take to review each and every product individually on its product page. This ultimately shortens the customer journey leading them to a purchase much quicker.

5. Me and Oli


The design of Me and Oli is proof that in a competitive world, uniqueness is the road to success. With a simple yet engaging and unique design, this website achieves exactly what it aims for.

6. Tom Ford


The bigger the better is something that the Tom Ford website follows. Coupled with enticing images, the website uses an extra large font that clearly directs users where they can find what they need.

7. Balenciaga


The Balenciaga website takes the minimalistic approach to a whole new level. With the images appearing only at the end of the navigation, this website defines a clear path for its users through text.

8. Brave leather


Brave leather recorded a significant increase in their traffic and conversions after they redesigned their website with attractive yet neatly organized cards that put their products on display really well.

9. Armani Exchange


The Armani Exchange website works well in providing its visitors the control and focus on the prime parts of the website. The website achieves this with fading backgrounds and unique color schemes combinations

10. Emploi New York


With high-quality images, the Emploi New York website ensures that the users get what’s trending within a few seconds.