Buying furniture online, something which was not anticipated in earlier days, has become pretty common in today’s technology driven world. However, since a piece of furniture is somewhat a big investment, online furniture stores have to put in extra effort to convince users that their purchasing decision will be a good one. Given below are the top 10 Furniture website designs that achieve exactly this.

1. Waxing Bee Furniture Trade
WB Custom Furniture uses an elegant design which is simple and easy to absorb. With all of the site’s components displayed on the homepage, the user gets an idea of the complete website in a few scrolls.

2. Helland
Helland uses the minimalistic approach keeping all the components of the website in one single frame. Users are seamlessly directed to different parts of the website within a few clicks.

3. Brumbaughs
The Brumbaugh website lives up to the brand image and the products they sell. From the moment you log on, the design takes you to an Old West time period while maintaining its touch of modernism.

4. Modern Relik
With an amazingly organized card structure, the Modern Relik website aims to give an overview of its products to its users. While doing really well in that, it also provides very clear and navigation.

5. Rentfeather
A few scrolls down and you already start seeing the best of Rent Feather. The design of this website keeps it simple yet elegant while making sure their products are on display right from the start.

6. One Kings Lane
Another website that provides great navigation is One Kings Lane. With all their products broadly classified, they ensure that users land on the specific product they’re searching for in just a few clicks.

7. Sierra Living Concepts
A brilliant design that makes use of cards banners and side scrolling images, The Sierra Living Concepts website displays all its information very gracefully. It utilizes quick links strategically to guide users well.

8. Lillian August
Another great user of the card structure, Lillian August very strategically places its product categories with tasteful images accompanied promotional coupons that keep the users enticed.

9. Made Goods
The Made Goods website also takes a minimalistic approach and keeps the user’s focus on their products with an expandable menu and high quality images with quick links.

10. Lulu and Georgia
The Lulu and Georgia website is another one that tastefully displays information with incredible and high quality images. The menu too includes images of the trending products to keep users informed.