AngularJS is one one of the most widely used frameworks for front-end application development. It was created by a highly skilled Google team and a community of developers.

AngularJS is a framework with a lot of potential and being an open source framework it is constantly being improved to perform better. They make sure that the framework is able to provide everything to the developers to create an amazing application.

Given below are five of the best AngularJS frameworks that simplify the development process and help developers create unique and innovative applications.

1. Angular Material

Angular Material is a UI component library for AngularJS developers. It contains over 30 UI components that are reusable and help in constructing highly functional web applications.

It has inbuilt responsive designing which means that the web app created using it will automatically be redesigned to fit the device screen. The reusable components also help reduce the size of the code.

2. Mean.IO

Mean is an acronym that stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS. The Mean Stack is a JavaScript framework that allows developers to rapidly set up and deploy applications, APIs etc.

It is a set of popular tools and libraries combined which is constantly maintained in order to ensure that all components work well together. This allows developers to focus on the development and not worry about other tedious tasks like system administration, package management etc.

3. Radian

The Asynchronous Module Definition is an API that defines code modules and their dependencies and loads them asynchronously when needed. Radian is an AngularJS framework that is based on this.

Radian works incredibly well for high-performance web applications as the AMD structure loads smaller JavaScript files only when needed. It is also perfect for multi-developer projects as the application can be split into modules.

4. Videogular

Since video content has become a raging trend, it is highly crucial for a web application to be able to support them well. Videogular is just the framework that is powered by AngularJS to support videos in applications.

It is a feature-rich framework that offers a bindable API. The best part of this framework is that it works for both desktops and mobile devices and developers can configure it to detect the type of mobile device and hide the features that aren’t supported by it.

5. Protractor

Testing is a crucial part of any project and this framework makes sure it is performed well on AngularJS applications. Protractor is an end to end test framework that runs tests against your application in a real browser, interacting with it just like an actual user.

Testing is simplified with Protractor as it doesn’t require the developers to add waits and sleeps to the test. It does that automatically thereby remaining in sync with the webpage always. It also allows them to test Angular specific elements without any setup effort.

As mentioned earlier, the Angular team at Google always keeps working to improve the framework and make the development process easier for developers. The above-given examples are proof of that. The list doesn’t end here and there are many more Angular frameworks for the same.

All frameworks have different features and work to simplify specific functionalities making it easier even for expert AngularJS developers to create extraordinary web applications. All the effort definitely makes people more confident about choosing AngularJS for their projects.