AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript technology that is changing the face of web applications. Developed and maintained by Google and a community of developers, AngularJS has definitely gained a lot of recognition and preference over other technologies.

Being an open source framework, the large community of developers also constantly work to improve the framework and make their own changes while working on applications. The freedom and flexibility to make such changes in the framework is another reason why it’s preferred.

Previously, we discussed the key features of AngularJS that set it apart, here we will be looking at the top 5 most renowned applications that used AngularJS for their development because of such key advantages.


JetBlue Airways Corporation is a well-known airline that specializes in low-cost carriers. It is the sixth largest Airline in the United States and operates through 101 destinations.

Adapting to the technological advancements, JetBlue also took its operations online. Over the years, the website saw quite some changes with the most recent one being their use of AngularJS for their front-end.

The company chose to go with this change in an attempt to provide a much faster interface to their users which would also be easy to use. AngularJS helped them make this attempt a success and they have maintained this ever since.


Formerly known as Elance-oDesk, UpWork is the world’s largest freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals collaborate on various projects. With over 14 million users of the platform, it recently witnessed over $1 Billion of freelancer billings.

As a dynamic platform, it needed a dynamic framework to support itself and AngularJS proved to be the perfect fit. It was used to create the platform’s independent and highly used messenger system.

AngularJS allowed them to create a dynamic messenger, through which all communications take place, and easily integrate it with the other systems of the website. It made the overall functioning of the website a lot more seamless.

Lego is a Danish family-owned company that is best known for its toys which mostly comprise of interlocking bricks. It operates numerous retail stores around the world and is one of the largest toy company in terms of revenue.

The Lego website is a platform where its products are virtually showcased. Users can trade and explore these thoroughly through the website. When the website was being redesigned, AngularJS was the framework that they chose to help them keep up with their exponential growth rate.

The framework allowed them to easily integrate multiple systems with the website and scale it as desired whenever their product range expanded.


iStock Photos is an online international microstock photography provider that offers millions of photos, clip art, videos, audio tracks and illustrations to its users. Users can buy these for credits which in turn are bought at varying prices based on the purchase volume and the subscription.

The reason why iStock used AngularJS while redesigning their website is that it allowed them to create a platform that could be constantly updated without having to code everything each time. The flexible MVC architecture of AngularJS allowed them to achieve this.

Nearly 500,000 new media files are uploaded to iStock each month and this required an easy to update system for the site to run smoothly. This is exactly what AngularJS was able to provide.


Gmail is one of the world’s most widely used email service. It is a free ad-supported email client that is developed by Google. Gmail is accessible to users easily through its mobile apps, desktops as well as third-party programs.

Since AngularJS was created by Google, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it makes use of the framework for its own applications. Gmail is a dynamic single page application that was created using the amazing AngularJS.

AngularJS allowed the Gmail application to dynamically update the page simultaneously as you interacted with it. This how you’re able to receive an email while composing one. The two-way data binding structure of the framework also helps to maintain the speed of the application.

So these were just a few examples of renowned companies making use of AngularJS for their web applications. AngularJS is by far the best front-end framework that enables users to create dynamic web applications.

Apart from this, it is also a very mature technology that eases the coding process and makes it easy for the developers to implement their desired functions without any hassles. Plus, the fact that there is an active Google team constantly updating it adds to its many benefits making it one of the best.

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