As an owner of a new or established eCommerce store, you may be finding it difficult to handle increasing day to day operations, marketing and other related needs of your store yourself. So you need to hire a professional eCommerce manager to better and efficiently manage your operations and needs.

eCommerce managers are equipped with certain qualities that you need to keep in mind while Hiring an eCommerce Manager. Lack of knowledge about these qualities can make you choose a candidate who does not fit the role of eCommerce manager.

To help you avoid such a situation and to make it easy for you to choose the right manager, we are sharing some useful information about the essential qualities that every eCommerce manager must possess.

1. Knowledge of eCommerce Business Environment

An eCommerce manager should have deep knowledge about how businesses function in an eCommerce environment, challenges faced by them and other related aspects. Also, he should have good experience in business marketing.

2. Extremely Organized

The manager has to take care of different tasks, priorities and responsibilities that have to be performed by him and his teammates. To get these performed effectively and efficiently, he has to be highly organized at assigning tasks, managing projects and tracking their progress and monitoring his team’s performance.

The manager should be well versed in the use of business and reporting tools like Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Excel, HubSpot, etc. which help him in staying organized. Focus on remaining organized is critical for business success.

3. Leadership


The eCommerce manager needs to possess leadership qualities. Rather than simply instructing his team members and employees on performing particular tasks and responsibilities, he should lead by example, and guide and inspire them on how to perform the tasks in a proper and efficient manner. His motivation is instrumental in the team raising the level of their performance.

4. Analytical Ability

Analytical Ability

The manager should be able to analyze the eCommerce market to identify potential opportunities and challenges. He should be able to read, analyze and interpret the product, pricing and marketing campaign data of your business as well as those of your competitors. So he can obtain key conclusions from the data for creating even better and more impactful business strategies and marketing campaigns for you.

5. Technically Oriented

The eCommerce manager should be familiar with the latest techniques and best practices related to web merchandising as well as information technology, including website designing, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing), etc. His technical acumen will enable him to think and act strategically while creating and executing marketing campaigns and other initiatives for achieving your business goals in the eCommerce realm.

6. Good Communicator

Good Communicator

The manager should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. He should be able to convey his messages and ideas to his team members, clients and others in a clear, precise and engaging fashion. The manager should be able to speak in the native language of clients and customers. Also, he should be a patient and active listener for effective both way communication.

7. Team Player

Team Player

Having the ability to work as a team is important for the success of eCommerce business operations, campaigns and projects. The eCommerce manager should adopt ways to foster a team culture. He should be able to work with the teams of different departments like design, development, marketing and products besides other teams in a collaborative and streamlined manner.

8. Penchant for Learning

As eCommerce is an ever-changing field, the manager should be eager to learn about every new trend, technique and development related to the eCommerce realm. This knowledge will enable him to do the needful for keeping your business in a dominant position in the market.

9. Result Oriented

Result Oriented

eCommerce businesses are looking for concrete results in terms of the increase in traffic, leads, sales, profits and ROI (return on investment). So the eCommerce manager needs to follow a result-oriented approach while designing marketing campaigns for your business and performing other related tasks.

10. Work Ethic

It is expected of the eCommerce manager to accord high value to work. The strong and disciplined work ethic in the manager will lead to increased efficiency, innovation and business success. So every eCommerce manager should possess this trait.

Taking these qualities into consideration will help you choose and hire the right eCommerce manager, who will work zealously to promote and grow your business further.

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