Managing your digital presence effectively is fundamental for all enterprises today. The impact of your online presence is directly proportional to your ability to grow and flourish. This is why, an effective enterprise content management system is paramount to aid both your online presence as well as business growth.

There are a lot of options for content management systems that can be used to manage your online strategies. However, managing them effectively requires an exemplar of certain key features, for these strategies to be successful. Sitefinity is one of those exemplary content management systems that are best suited for enterprises.


What is Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is a comprehensive ASP.NET based content management system and digital marketing platform. It was developed by Telerik and launched in 2005. Ever since its launch, it has drawn quite a significant amount of customers, many of which are renowned companies with a global reach.

As a content management system, Sitefinity provides some great tools and features for users to build dynamic and fully editable websites easily. With an integrated digital marketing platform, Sitefinity provides yet another list of tools and features to market your website really well across many channels. This makes Sitefinity a complete solution for all types of websites be it for small or large businesses or personal blogs.

Why is Sitefinity the best Enterprise Management System?

As a comprehensive solution, Sitefinity has a number of benefits to offer. But certain key features of it that make it the best fit for small and large enterprises include the following:


Multi-site Management

Sitefinity provides a very smooth and user friendly interface for multiple websites of the same enterprise. If an enterprise has multiple websites or microsites, Sitefinity provides an option to the web developers  to manage the content, presentation etc. of all the websites from one single intuitive dashboard.

You can also custom define multiple levels of user permissions thereby clearly defining which user can access, edit and control what in either a single website or multiple websites. With this, you can also launch new websites a lot quicker by simply cloning or modifying existing resources thereby also keeping the brand image similar in all.

Multilingual Support

Everyone prefers to be communicated with in their native language. So if you wish to have a more global reach, you have to make sure that your first point of contact i.e. your website can be in their native language. With Sitefinity, you have this benefit as it provides multilingual support. You could deliver the exact same content in a different language in a different place.

Managing the translation process too is very easy as it can be done manually with approval workflows and versioning, or by easily integrating third party translators. To top this, Sitefinity also provides the admin interface in multiple languages.

One remarkable feature of Sitefinity is the option to present personalized content. Enterprises can choose to display content, based on the user visiting their website, for every page of the website. The web developers will first need to segment the visitors into groups based on demographics, the search terms they used to reach the site etc.

Once these segmented lists are created, you can then proceed to defining the content that is to be displayed for each of these segments. You can even measure the performance of the website for various segments of visitors using different KPIs.


Security of data is always a matter of prime concern for any business or enterprise. Sitefinity ensures that the security of your website data is always in check. As mentioned earlier, it allows the website administrator to custom define user access to website content and functionalities. With the system audit trail, you can also monitor activities and maintain transparency.

Sitefinity makes sure that its security protocols support the latest best practices and standards which includes the Federal Information Processing Standards. So with Sitefinity, you can rest assured that your website will be secure.

Digital-Marketing-PlatformDigital Marketing Platform

The Digital Marketing platform of Sitefinity is also a major plus over other content management systems. With Sitefinity, your marketing team can easily create a targeted email marketing campaign with simple drag and drop tools to design it. You can also integrate various social media platforms with your website.

However more advanced features of the digital marketing platform includes the ability to create a customer journey database, effectively analyze the customer journey and optimize it accordingly etc. All this can be done using a simple admin dashboard.

Although, there are a lot more features of Sitefinity, the ones given above are key characteristics that make Sitefinity the best suited for Enterprises, be it small or large. Every user of Sitefinity can benefit incredibly from the elaborate list of tools it has to offer. You can too.