Consumer trends have changed drastically over the years. Unlike earlier times, customers today have easy access to a variety of things. So today, it simply isn’t enough to make things available for your customers easily, you have to make yourself stand out a little.

There are a number of unique ways that can help you stand out from the others. However, you have to carefully analyze these options to choose ways that are in the highest demand by your customers. After all, it will be of no use if there’s something unique about your store but the customers do not prefer it.

One such unique way to engage your users is by providing customizable products. The advantage of customizable products is that they are always in demand and are also unique to each store and the products they sell.

But then what are custom product builders and how do they help? Well, let’s have a brief look at it.

What is Custom Product Builder?


Custom Product Builders or Product Configurators are applications or modules that equip your eCommerce store with the functionality to create or customize products. The list of configurable products, the type of customizations that are possible and the price changes with each customization are all decided by the store owner.

Most of these product configurator applications are customizable and can be modified to adapt distinctively to each product line. These configurators can provide you with functionalities that either allow users to create a product from scratch using a base prototype or just customize certain components (like color, material used etc.) of an already built product. The style of working of this module is entirely up to the store owner.

Now that we have some clarity about Product Configurators, let’s have a look at why you should be using it?

Why Product Configurators are crucial for your eCommerce Store?

There are quite a few reasons why you should be providing customizable products to your customers. Some of these include:

1. High Consumer Demand

Consumers today are more driven to buy products that reflect their choice more closely rather than products that reflect someone else’s preferences. Customers value personalizations and value them so much that they are more than willing to pay a higher price for it. This is also because customizable products bring out the creativity in them which entices them even more. All of this collectively has been driving the demand of customizable products through the roof with not many businesses heeding to this demand.

2. Higher Profit Margins

As mentioned earlier, customers value product personalization so much that they are extremely willing to pay a much higher price for products that are customizable according to their needs. A market study concluded that consumers are ready to pay a minimum of 20-25% higher premium on customized products. After the study was published, these numbers compelled quite a few eCommerce store owners to get custom product configurators for their stores.

3. Lower Return Rates

Return rates are a huge problem for any stores. Not only they lose a complete sale, but often times it also leads to bad publicity. However, when users are allowed to customize the products, they know exactly what they should be expecting. This reduces the number of returns significantly. It also leads to a reduce in the bad publicity of your store.

4. Free Publicity

If you take the decision to get a custom product builder for your store, you can expect to reduce your costs on store promotion and marketing drastically. This is primarily due to the fact that a custom product builder for your products will be a unique and engaging functionality that your users will really enjoy. It would help them reflect their creativity and also try out something new. This collectively will drive your customers to become raging promoters of your store. This will also help you attract a lot of new customers through referrals.

5. Free Market Research

This is especially true for business owners who manufacture their own products and sell them online. Product customization is one of the best tools that can easily help you understand the demands of your target audience. With customized products you deliver, you can have a better understanding of what your customers are actually looking for in your products. You can then shift your focus to that and hence drive a lot more sales than earlier.

These were just a few reasons how a Custom Product builder could help you with your eCommerce business. After implementing a product configurator, you will begin to see the results quite quickly. It will empower you and your customers really well thereby increasing customer engagement and proximity.

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