Nowadays, having an active online presence has become a must for businesses in order to reach out to maximum customers globally, spread awareness about their business and promote their products or services among potential customers. The best way they can have an impactful online presence is through the creation of an appealing website, which is also rich in content and functionality. Such a website can help businesses gain in terms of more visitors, sales, profits and growth.

Are you also considering building an engaging and high-performance website for your business? Before you go ahead to hire a specific web development agency India for this purpose, you should be clear about which particular programming language its developers will be using to develop your website. There are many programming languages like Python, .NET, PHP, Java, Ruby, JavaScript besides others that are used for building websites and web applications. You should choose among them one which is popularly and extensively used for creating websites and offers many advantages for web development. PHP is such a programming language.

What is PHP?

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting and general programming language. It is available as an open source. This programming language was originally developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf who was a Danish Canadian programmer. You may find it interesting to know that PHP was not primarily developed to be a programming language.

PHP runs on a web server. It is designed for making dynamic web pages and applications.

Importance of PHP Language for Web Development

The extent of the importance of this programming language for web development can be gauged from these striking statistics. In 2018, around 82% of the websites were found to use PHP as a server-side programming language. This shows it was more popular and in demand than the other programming languages.

PHP was holding over 50% of the market share, showing it was still a dominant player in the server-side web development. Also, when the top 1 million websites were studied for the top programming language usage distribution, 415, 934 sites were found to be using PHP. This meant common usage of PHP was 41.59% out of the total programming languages.

Even in 2019, the domination and popularity of PHP have not changed much.

Advantages of PHP

The increased usage and popularity of PHP for web development can be attributed to various benefits provided by this server side scripting language. These benefits are listed hereby:-

1. Simple Code Creation

PHP enables developers to write code in a simple manner. Also, they can utilize resources like content management system and various PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Cake PHP, Aura, Zend, etc., which help to lessen their development time to a significant extent.

Also, developers can learn PHP easily and fast as its syntax is quite similar to the syntax of C and C++ languages.

2. Provides Increased Control

Unlike other programming languages which require long scripts, PHP uses a few lines of code to do the same work. This thus provides developers maximum control over the websites. Also, they can easily edit the code for making the necessary changes to it.

3. Allows Personalization of Content

Nowadays, it is important for businesses to provide each of their visitors a unique and different experience as per their specific interests and preferences whenever they visit their website. While this helps to increase the engagement levels of the visitors, it is crucial for the success of their business. They can achieve this through adaptive content which is the content tailored for individual visitors coming to their website. PHP allows businesses to serve adaptive content to their visitors by letting them customize and integrate their website’s code through CMS or content management system.

4. Huge Number of Skilled Developers

With around 5 million experienced PHP developers present all around the world, you have ample choices to choose among them the best one for building a new website for your business or to make modifications to your existing website. Also, an increased number of specialist PHP developers leads to more competition, which consequently brings down the cost per hour for web development and maintenance services offered by them. This ultimately benefits businesses hiring these services.

5. Ability to Embed into HTML

HTML5 is useful for developing extremely dynamic and responsive websites. As the code of PHP can be easily embedded into the code of the HTML language, it is able to show dynamic elements on the web page.

PHP can also be used in combination with other programming languages for building customized websites quickly.

6. Equipped with a Standard Library

PHP has got a standard library which gives it an edge over other programming languages. The library helps to simplify and quicken its data processing ability. It provides considerable support for URL parsing, HTTP fetching, regular expressions and database drivers. Though its library is incoherent, the PHP community is working to make it better.

7. Open Source

As PHP is an open source technology, it is available free of cost. So developers need not pay a fee for using it. This helps to minimize cost of website development. Developers can also derive benefit from some open source PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter and Nette whose use helps to reduce development time.

8. Large Community

The sheer number of people using PHP has led to the formation of a large community. If developers encounter some difficulty during their development work that they are unable to address themselves, they can easily seek support from the community in this regard.

9. High Performance

Businesses can ill afford to have a website whose loading time is more than 3 seconds. Most of the users will simply leave their website and opt for some other site with less loading time. Developers can eliminate this problem by using JIT or Just in Time engine. It compiles the website’s PHP code into machine language which helps to increase its loading speed. Consequently, users can be better engaged.

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10. Supports Many Web Servers, Browsers and Databases

PHP is platform-independent and runs on the majority of platforms. Whether a computer system has Linux, UNIX, MacOS or Windows operating system, PHP supports all the prominent web browsers. Also, it supports all the leading web servers like Microsoft IIS and Apache. Personal Web Server and Netscape are also supported by PHP. It can function on both Windows and UNIX servers.

PHP can be flexibly connected to many databases like MySQL, DB2, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite, etc. PHP/MySQL combination is extensively used for building eCommerce applications like CRM and CMS. PHP is available for numerous diverse operating systems.

PHP also supports protocols like LDAP COM, POP3 and HTTP besides others which are commonly used. It can be integrated with CMS as well as with various scripting languages like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Core PHP and JavaScript.

11. Flexible Nature

Being a flexible web programming language, PHP allows developers to change the code at different development stages. They can easily bring in new features or add new functionality to a website even after the writing of its code is complete. It is also possible for them to make changes in the existing code and make modifications in it to introduce new features on the website.

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12. Excellent Functionality

Various extensions of PHP allow developers to provide enhanced functionality to applications and websites as compared to other available web scripting languages.

13. Faster Processing Speed

As PHP utilizes its own memory, this causes an automatic reduction of the server’s workload and its loading time, which consequently leads to quicker processing speed. This thus reduces the time taken in building web apps like CRM and eCommerce.

14. Scalable

PHP not only enables developers to build small and simple websites by embedding PHP code into HTML code, but it also allows them to develop large and complex applications. They can build bigger and complex applications with the help of resources and tools provided by various PHP frameworks which they can utilize at any time. Using these resources and tools helps to lessen their development time.

15. Security

PHP is equipped with a security layer which provides websites and web applications security against viruses and threats. So developers are able to build websites and web applications in a secure manner.

16. Reliable

PHP is reliable for building web applications and websites, especially those websites which contain a huge number of web pages.

Having gained knowledge about the various benefits that PHP programming language provides for building websites and web applications, it won’t be difficult for you to choose it among various programming languages for your business website development project.

After choosing the PHP language for your website creation, you will have to take the next step of hiring the right developer. You should hire PHP expert from a reputed software development company like Matrid Technologies for this purpose. Only he can build for you a customized, dynamic and high performance business website that is capable of engaging your customers and boosting your business’s profitability and growth.