Nowadays, the number of people using the internet to buy things conveniently from the confines of their home or on the move is on the rise. While this is benefitting shoppers by saving them from the hassles of visiting brick and mortar stores, on the other hand, this presents great and profitable opportunities for eCommerce businesses. They can capitalize on these opportunities by getting developed a visually appealing, user-friendly, feature-rich and high-performance eCommerce website from specialist web developers.

A robust, secure and reliable eCommerce platform is a must for developing your website. Due to many pre-built eCommerce platforms available nowadays and the majority of them having similar overall functionality, choosing the right one becomes difficult. We make this task easier for you by suggesting one exceptional eCommerce platform. Its name is nopCommerce.

Some Interesting Facts About nopCommerce:

Before revealing some useful features of nopCommerce, we would like to provide you some basic knowledge about this eCommerce development solution.

NopCommerce is an eCommerce platform which was developed by a team of enthusiastic software developers and graphic designers based in Yaroslavl, Russia. They released its first version in October 2008. It did not take much time for nopCommerce to become popular throughout the world.

NopCommerce contains some essential and out of the box eCommerce features which contributed towards its popularity.

Its various plug-ins, extensions, modules, themes and features allow eCommerce owners to perform marketing activities, customize and upgrade their website and enhance user interface and user experience.

While other eCommerce development platforms are written in PHP or Perl, nopCommerce is entirely written in ASP.Net 4.0 and its back-end is supported by Microsoft SQL Server, which is an extremely powerful database management platform. Easily configurable, highly-scalable and secure, nopCommerce is an amalgamation of open-source and commercial software.

Some notable achievements of nopCommerce are it was downloaded more than 1,700,000 times, used by 50,000 online stores in August 2018 and was a winner of prestigious awards like the CMS Critics Award and the PacktPub Open-Source Award.

Let’s now share with you some beneficial features of nopCommerce. These are as follows:-

1. Open Source

Due to the open source nature of nopCommerce, it is available for free. So you need not pay a fee for downloading its source code. Apart from that, Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition which is the back end support of nopCommerce, is also available for free. If needed, you can also use the enhanced edition of SQL Server for improving your website’s performance.

As nopCommerce can be used free of cost, this helps to considerably bring down the eCommerce website development cost.

Even though nopCommerce comes free, there is no lack of support and release updates for it. Its team of developers, graphic designers and support professionals remain committed to extending help to the developers and business owners using this platform. They work tirelessly to maintain elevated standards of nopCommerce and provide a powerful digital solution to eCommerce owners without any charge.

The other good thing about nopCommerce is that it is easily installable. You don’t need any technical expertise or a better quality computer for its installation. Microsoft Web Platform Installer can help you easily install it.

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2. Supports Mobile Commerce

Supports Mobile Commerce

At present, out of all the digital sales, the share of mobile commerce sales is more than the share of desktop commerce sales and the share of the former is expected to rise even further in the future. So eCommerce sellers can ill afford to ignore this trend.

Having a mobile version of their website is a must for eCommerce business owners. NopCommerce enables you to create the mobile version of your site easily, in a short time and without extra development or add-ons. You can take advantage of its responsive templates, which scale up suitably and adjust easily to various devices and their screen sizes. Also, the templates can optimize site content for different browsers.

NopCommerce also makes it easy to manage both the mobile and desktop versions of your website from a single admin control. It can help you quickly enhance your business’s visibility among both mobile and desktop users.

3. Easy to Customize and Manage

NopCommerce is based on ASP.NET core with which many developers are familiar with. So you will not face difficulty to find and hire nopCommerce developer with adequate expertise for building and customizing your eCommerce website. The nopCommerce administration panel is extremely flexible and allows easy management of the website. The panel offers many customization options for your store that can be easily managed from the panel itself without changing any code.

Customizable shopping cart and a catalogue-based front-end for listing products are some of the many features in nopCommerce which support eCommerce.

The pluggable modular architecture of nopCommerce lets developers add elements and features dynamically during the run-time. NopCommerce provides numerous plug-ins and themes for giving an innovative, distinct and appealing look and feel to your website.

Enterprises that purchase products from B2B eCommerce stores require detailed information about products. NopCommerce helps B2B store owners in this regard by letting them define up to 60 properties for a single product.

4. SEO Oriented

SEO is a must for eCommerce stores to get ranked higher in search engine result pages, for enhanced site visibility and for getting more traffic. NopCommerce provides various SEO friendly features like customized URLs, keyword tags, sitemap, support for social meta tags and integration with Google Analytics.

By letting business owners localize URLs, nopCommerce lets them increase the matching of search results in various languages. XML and HTML site support enables search engines to easily locate pages within their site. While support for social meta tags helps to increase their site visibility, integration with Google Analytics lets owners track and improve their site’s performance.

5. Support for Multiple Stores

Support for Multiple Stores

NopCommerce platform enables store owners to run multiple stores from a single nopCommerce installation. You can host many online stores on different domains as well as manage all their admin operations from a single nopCommerce administration tool. In nopCommerce, each store shares a single database which allows your customers to log in any of your stores through their credentials. Also, you can share catalogue-centric data, promotional information and product attributes between your multiple stores.

NopCommerce lets you set various features separately for each store like products per store, newsletters per store, graphical themes per store, content per store, etc.

With the help of multi-store option, store owners and marketers can rapidly set up micro-sites for promoting their products and link them to the main store. This feature is especially useful when you are running both B2B and B2C stores.

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6. Facilitates Drop-Shipping through Multiple Vendors

Facilitates Drop-Shipping through Multiple Vendors

NopCommerce provides multi-vendor support for letting you sell items through drop-shipping. So you need not spend money and time in stocking inventory and managing it. Whenever you get an order for a product, you can simply pass it to a particular vendor registered with your site who then ships this product directly to the concerned customer.

Through the admin panel of your site, vendors can manage their products, view order details and sales data, etc.

NopCommerce gives you the flexibility to work with many vendors and offer and sell a huge variety of items on your site. If you are excellent at online marketing, this arrangement can help you earn more profits at a low investment.

7. Smooth Payment Process And Multiple Payment Options

Smooth Payment Process And Multiple Payment Options

The increased bounce rate during the checkout process is one of the major concerns of eCommerce business owners. Use of nopCommerce facilitates a streamlined payment process which consequently reduces bounce rate. This platform allows owners to customize the payment process, so they can provide a better experience to their customers, resulting in improved conversion rates.

NopCommerce offers various default checkout and payment methods, including payment through multiple credit and debit cards, support for many payment gateways, cash on delivery, anonymous guest checkout, one-page checkout, phone order, multilingual and multi-currency, weights and dimensions measure configuration options, secure browsing and checkout, etc.

NopCommerce allows configuring of multiple payment options as per the payment preferences of a specific country. It also allows you to configure shipping preferences like no shipping, free shipping after a particular amount, shipping discount on some products, etc. as per your requirement. NopCommerce also lets customers estimate shipping costs based on country and zip or postal code, which is particularly beneficial for B2B customers as they usually purchase in bigger amounts.

NopCommerce also allows you to take advantage of various extensions for optimizing the checkout flow to give your customers a more strong checkout experience.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, nopCommerce also provides easy scalability and marketing features like a reward points system, newsletter subscriptions, content, gift cards and an affiliate program.

After gaining knowledge about the useful and beneficial features of nopCommerce and how they can help to run your eCommerce business smoothly and push its growth, you will not face any difficulty in choosing this exceptional platform among the various eCommerce platforms available for creating your store’s website.

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