IT outsourcing is a fairly common trend that has prevailed in the market for quite some time now. In recent times though, the task of outsourcing has come under a lot of scrutiny due to which a lot of negativity has surfaced with regards to it, especially outsourcing to India.
There are a lot of bad experiences that companies often face by partnering with the wrong firm which creates the unpopular opinion regarding outsourcing. However, if partnered with the right firm, there is absolutely no room left for issues to arise. Below are 7 common reasons why companies suffer a bad experience and how Matrid differs from the others.

1. Language Barrier Language_Barrier

Since the first point of contact, foreign companies often face this issue with a majority of Indian companies. The language barrier usually piles on later becoming a major issue in communicating the desired scope of work.
At Matridtech though, this is not the case. Ranging from our sales team to the developer team, everyone is fluent in English. We are well aware of the prospects we deal with and also realize how valuable communication is in order to achieve a successful project. This is why we strive to eliminate that language barrier completely.

2. Team Replacement 

It is not uncommon that people from the team dedicated to a project either quit or are replaced for other reasons. This creates a gap in the knowledge of the scope of work of the team and takes up a lot of time for the new member to come up to speed with it.
The reason Matridtech stands out in this regard is the fact that ours is a family owned / family managed venture. With five skilled project managers and a number of developers belonging to families of close relatives, the possibility of anyone being replaced or leaving is next to impossible. A majority of our employees have been with us for over a decade now.

3. Time Difference 

Time is another important issue with outsourcing. With the difference being close to twelve hours, it often becomes difficult to keep in touch and stay informed about the progress of work. This issue often creates a problem when an urgent need springs up.
In our case, although the developers only prefer working in their own time zone, the project managers assigned to your project are always available on call to address any sort of issue or even resolve a problem.

4. Inexperienced Developers 


Another common problem that comes up during discussions is that most Indian Companies are inexperienced in a variety of technologies. They still commit to projects out of their scope that they aren’t able to complete on time or with the best quality for that matter.
This argument fails in our case. Being in the industry for over 15 years has aided us in expanding our expertise. Our team has expanded from Web Developers to iOS App Developers, Android App Developers, AR App Developers and also Web Scraping Services.The next fact that follows is that we stand by the policy of never taking up projects that we can’t deliver on time and of the best quality. We keep our knowledge base transparent and our scopes clear.

5. Effective Communication 


Unlike many others, we value the importance of a clear communication channel and realize how it is the key to a successful project. This is why, from first point of contact, we make sure to define the best suitable communication channel, decide on regular meeting schedules and also plan out an emergency communication strategy.
A well-defined layout helps us and the client maintain a great flow of communication leaving absolutely no scope of error or an issue. Also, we tend to maintain this as a priority during intial discussion phases of a project.

6. Cost Schedule 


There is no doubt in the fact that outsourcing project is highly cost effective. However, a lot of complaints arises about Indian companies not having a defined rate schedule and transparency. This could later lead to discrepancies in project development costs.
Realizing this problem, we made it a point of overcome this and clearly laid out a rate schedule. This schedule clearly specifies the costs of developers according to their technology expertise, their experience and even the minimum hours of engagement.

7. Development and Implementation Strategy 


This is mostly overlooked and not paid much attention to. However, it is a serious issue that often leads to the failure of a project later. Most companies work FOR their foreign counterparts doing everything exactly how they are asked to do without putting any thought into it. Even though this sounds great, it tends to grow into a serious issue in later stages. Apart from having the knowledge about developing a project, a good insight in the way the market would receive the project is also of utmost importance.
This is where our business intelligence department comes to the rescue. Having a clear insight of user experience and market insights, instead of just working for our partner, we work WITH them, regularly providing recommendations of different approaches for the project backed by market statistics. Not only does this help create the best solution, but also helps to effectively implement the same gaining a higher value for it.
The disadvantages of outsourcing may seem intimidating, but in all honesty, they are immensely exaggerated. The benefits of outsourcing far outweigh the disadvantages. Everything finally comes down to the point of making the right decision while choosing a firm to partner with.

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