Launched in the year 2008, nopCommerce has come a very long way over the years. This open source eCommerce platform has gained an immense amount of popularity in both the developer and business circles. With time, the platform’s team regularly released its version and the platform just kept getting better and better with each one.

On the 9th of November 2017, the nopCommerce team announced the release of the fourth version of the platform which included quite a number of improvements and fixes since the last one. Although, the list of improvements is quite long, given below are five of the best changes that nopCommerce store owners should be excited about.

1. Developed with Asp.Net Core 2.0


As indicated earlier, nopCommerce has always evolved and adapted to the latest technologies. The nopCommerce team chose Asp.Net Core 2.0 since it is one of the latest technologies and is perfect to build modern, well structured and extendable web applications.

It also makes nopCommerce a cross-platform application that can be hosted and run on Mac and Linux environments also instead of just Windows, like earlier.

Although currently, the feature is not available to them, once Microsoft implements their plan in the first quarter of 2018, the newer subversions of nopCommerce will become cross-platform compatible.

2. Direct Uploading of Themes and Plugins

Direct Uploading of Themes And PLugins in nopCommerce

The feel and functionalities of your store are widely dependent on the themes and plugins you use. However, the process of applying these nopCommerce themes and plugins was a hassle in the previous versions.

Earlier, to apply a theme or plugin, store owners put the files in the directory using FTP. However, now you can skip the FTP and upload them directly from the admin dashboard. Your latest themes and unique plugins are just a few simple clicks away in this new version.

3. Improved UI/UX in Admin Area

Improved UI in nopCommerce Admin Area

As a store owner, you need the admin area to be clear and easy to use. You’ll only be able to make a great store on the front end if you have a great back end. Keeping this in mind, the nopCommerce team made significant improvements in the admin area’s interface.

A notable change was that the Settings are now nested. This is of great benefit since now you can navigate through them a lot more easily.

4. Store Customer IP addresses

nopCommerce Stores Customer IP Address

Customer data is extremely important as it helps you strategize your promotions based on it. The fourth version of nopCommerce allows you to collect a very key piece of customer data, that is, their IP addresses. Abiding by the laws, this is done only in countries where it is actually allowed.

With the customer IP addresses, you’ll be able to easily differentiate between repeat and unique visitors, analyze individual buying behavior and customize your deals incredibly to drive your sales through the roof.

5. Better Speed and Performance

nopCommerce provides better speed and performance

It’s a fact that any store owner would like their store to perform more efficiently and run a lot faster. There is absolutely no downside to this. The nopCommerce team ensured that stores running on nopCommerce 4.0 get some incredible improvement in their speed and performance.

nopCommerce 4.0 promotes faster loading of cross-selling products which have a direct impact on your order sizes. Caching of stores, currencies, and languages has been enabled to increase the speed and caching for Azure BLOB has been added for better performance.

Bonus Point:
This version of the platform also equips the admin with a lot more control. Based on customer roles, the store owner can now directly disable the display of the type of taxes. This is great for stores who are also B2B sellers.

These were some of the best improvements in nopCommerce 4.0. nopCommerce surely is on an exponential path of growth and will definitely see a rise in users with this latest release. The team has created something truly amazing and kept up with its impeccable track record.

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