“Do I need a mobile app for my store?”. As an eCommerce store owner, there is a high probability that this question has crossed your mind a plethora of times. However, a lot of you might still be a little skeptical about it even in the age where mobile users surpass desktop users.

With a significant chunk of the eCommerce market is being catered to by mobile apps, mobile is increasingly becoming an integral driver of growth for the eCommerce industry. A good mobile app is not just a good to have luxury anymore but more of a necessity.

The Magento platform is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms that runs a very large percentage of online stores. To top that, Magento also provides quite a few extensions that easily create a native mobile app for your store. So you can be assured that plenty of your competitors in your circle already have their apps up and running.

However, that is not the only reason why Magento Mobile Apps are so crucial for your store. Given below are five reasons that highlight the importance of a mobile app for your store.

1. Opens up a New Sales Channel
Selling your products only through an online website limits your audience to those shopping on desktops. Surely, a mobile responsive website does help you expand your reach but that too only to an extent in which users simply browse through your website. Conversions are very rare on mobile responsive websites.

A Magento Mobile App is a more reliable extension of your store and promises better user acquisition and conversions. Mobile apps create a more secure and and user friendly retail channel that customers are actually willing to explore and make purchases.

It’s a fact that shopping on a mobile app is more convenient than shopping on a mobile website. Hence, an app helps you open up a very lucrative sales channel that connects with customers who prefer shopping apps.

2. Better User engagement
Mobile apps promote a much better user experience and hence better user engagement. According to a study, shopping apps are the most used app type in terms of monthly activations. This means that a significant amount of time users spend on mobile phones is spent on shopping apps.

Apart from this, push notifications are an incredible way to drive user engagement. App push notifications have an average open rate of 60%-80% which is a lot. So whenever you send out a promotional notification blast, you can be sure that at least 60% of your app users will open them and many out of them will actually make use of it.

So the better your user engagement, the better your conversion rates. And what better way to drastically improve your user engagement than with an app.

3. Double the SEO benefit
A lot of people don’t realise this, but a mobile app today has a serious influence on your SEO efforts. In addition to your website’s content, major search engines also include your app’s content through app indexing.

This means that a mobile app for your Magento store can double the SEO influence of your store and thus cause an upsurge in organic traffic both to your website and mobile app. To top this, search engines prioritize app content over regular search results which means that an app has the power to put you on the first rank easily.

With an app aiding your SEO efforts, ranking your store to higher positions becomes a lot more easy. You can move away from the other black hat techniques that may get your store penalized and move towards much simpler and effective techniques like this.

4. Encourage Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty is when your users prefer your store to others’ to make their purchases. Reaching this point of trust with a customer is also crucial because after this point, the customer also becomes a raging promoter of your store.

Apps encourage brand loyalty with relative ease. This is because once a user downloads your app, even when they’re not making a purchase, the app is constantly visible to them and so is your brand name. This subconsciously drives them to make purchases from your store whenever required thereby driving repeat sales.

On top of that, with other strategic offers like deals or coupons for mobile users only you tend to increase the user engagement hence compelling them to make more purchases from your app. All of this collectively promotes brand loyalty turning your customers to promoters.

5. Consumer Demand
As mentioned earlier, a Magento mobile app will provide your store with a more secure and reliable sales channel that customers actually prefer. Surveys show that at least over 85% of mobile users prefer shopping on mobile apps than mobile websites.

This is primarily because mobile apps provide a better user experience, an easier and more secure way to make payments and it also gives them the flexibility to go about their shopping whenever required. As a result, the demand for shopping apps has seen a drastic increase in the past few years.

As a store owner, it is important for you to heed to these demands if you wish to maintain customer loyalty and a shopping app for your store is one of them.

As mentioned earlier, a Magento Mobile App is not just a good to have luxury anymore but a necessity. Launching your app is the beginning to a very lucrative relationship with your store’s visitors. The above given points were just a few reasons of why your Magento store needs a mobile app immediately and we’re sure you’ll find it difficult to disagree.

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