Due to Covid-19 related guidelines enforced by the governments of respective countries, spas and salons have closed down. They are the prime consumers and buyers of high-end beauty products. This has led to diminished demand for these products.

Also, the majority of working women who use beauty products for looking aesthetically appealing are no longer venturing out of their homes. This too has caused the reduction of demand for beauty products. Also, beauty tourism has been hit due to travel restrictions in place. The combination of all these factors has affected the sales and revenue of brick and mortar beauty selling stores.

Beauty product manufacturers and sellers have been hit hard due to the disruption of supplies of cosmetics, beauty products and raw materials from the suppliers based in the U.K., Germany, France, the United States, China and other countries due to the imposition of travel restrictions. The Covid-19 situation has also led to the postponement of prominent beauty shows like Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, which exhibits cosmetics, perfumery and packaging products and Esxence in Milan which showcases artistic perfumery.

While beauty product businesses that operate solely from physical stores have been hit the most due to the impact of Covid-19, some of the established beauty product companies like Beiersdorf and Coty that sell products through their own/partners’ physical stores as well as online fare better. Though the sales at their physical stores have also dropped due to the closure of their stores for an indefinite period, their online sales have surged. These findings were published on the website of Beauty Packaging Magazine on March 17, 2020 and updated on April 16, 2020.

As an owner of a beauty product selling business that has been hit by the Covid-19 crisis, you may be looking for some meaningful advice for resurrecting your business. Here are some useful tips offered by top eCommerce specialists that they have gathered from their beauty product selling clients. These tips can help you bounce back your business from the impact of Covid-19 and make it reach a position of strength and financial abundance.

Ignite Interest of Customers in Your Products.

Even if women are confined to their homes at this time, their urge to look beautiful and smart has not diminished even an inch. You have to spark that urge and stoke their interest in your beauty and hair care products, so they are unable to resist buying them.

Rather than simply offering beauty and hair care products on your store’s website to customers, you have to present them with exciting and captivating messages like “Best makeup product that does wonders to your beauty and lifts your spirits up”, “Our wide range of beauty products help you get the beauty that makes the whole world stop and take notice” and “Our exceptional products help you get the look that delights you and others.

Reach Out to Customers.

Rather than waiting for customers to visit your website or store for exploring your products, you should try to reach out to them, connect with them, engage them and inform them about your product offers. You can use various channels like email newsletters, social media networks, SMS, blog sites, WhatsApp, etc. for connecting with potential and existing customers and providing them important and latest updates about your business, products, etc.

Offer Safe, Reliable and Long-lasting Products.

The Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) outbreak has significantly influenced and their choice of products. So you must be aware of this change in their behavior and adapt your business accordingly. Now customers are customer behavior in terms of their priorities, spending, shopping habits looking for only safe and reliable beauty and hair care products with a longer shelf-life. In view of this, your products should be able to fulfill such needs of customers.

It would be good if you also offer touchless cosmetic and facial beauty products available in spray and stick formats. The popularity of these products has risen due to women conscious about their safety due to the Covid-19 related concerns. Such products eliminate the need to touch them on the face or body for applying them.

Many women are also looking for technology-infused beauty products and devices like light therapy acne masks, electric cleansing brush, etc.for cleansing, anti-aging and other beauty enhancement related purposes. So your store should have all such products that women with different likings, tastes and needs are seeking.

Provide Discounts and Gifts to Customers

Many of your customers may be undergoing financial distress due to the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing them to postpone buying your products. To generate excitement in your customers towards your products and influence them to buy the products, you need to offer them special discounts and gifts on the products. Also, you should offer an additional shipping discount on the products bought by customers. Such offerings from you will not only boost your sales, but also will help to make your customers feel happy and de-stressed besides relieving some of their financial burden.

Also, your customers will be sharing news about your discounts and gifts with their friends and family members which will promote your brand and bring you more customers.

Share DIY’s and Home Remedies

Even if you are unable to deliver products in certain areas due to disruption in supplies or limited stocks or your customers are unable to buy your products at this moment due to financial limitations, still, their beauty and hair care needs must be served.

By sharing knowledge with your customers about easy DIY skin care and hair care hacks that involve using products that are available in their homes, you can effectively serve their beauty needs at this moment. Such advice and tips will help you engage your customers, stay connected with them and earn their appreciation as they will feel that you indeed care for them. Also, you will be able to keep the name of your brand alive in the market in these testing times.

Inform About Latest Updates

Due to the government regulations, you may have closed your stores or operating them for reduced hours and with less number of employees. You may be taking the necessary precautions for protecting your workers, partners and customers from exposure to Covid-19. Your delivery of products may have been delayed due to travel restrictions in place. You need to share news and information about all these things transparently with your customers through your website and other channels. This will assure them about their safety from Covid-19 and delivery of their products besides dispelling any confusion they have in their minds about the functioning of your business.

If you have made some contribution to the Covid-19 prevention fund, you should share this information too with your customers as this will help to build a positive image of your business among your customers and others.

Also, you need to keep all your communication channels open and appoint the right persons in place to respond if your customers want to make any inquiries about your products and other related aspects of your business.

Adopting such an approach will enable you to project your business as a responsible brand and help you win the trust, support and loyalty of your customers.

These insightful tips from experienced eCommerce Virtual Assistants of Matrid Technologies will help you alleviate the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on your beauty product selling business and lead it to a position of strength and profitability.