The Google Trusted Store Badge is proving to be an extremely lucrative tag for ecommerce stores and has been driving both traffic and conversions high for all those who have opted for it. Since a large percentage of store owners are yet not well aware about the badge or its benefits, this makes it the perfect time to opt for the badge leveraging a competitive edge over the others. A number of ecommerce development firms have als included the option of adding the badge in their ecommerce development package deals.

Do You Know?

Google Trusted Conversions of stores increased by up to 9% with the average order size also gone up by 6%.


A fine example of how the badge of a Google Trusted Store pushes an ecommerce store higher is:
Giving a clue from its name, the site’s primary product line includes nutritional supplements and other related products. It is an online only retailer that distributes its products worldwide via mail services. Founded back in 1996, iHerb was named as one of the top ten online retailers by Business Insider in 2015.

Sometime at the end of February 2014, got a “Google Trusted Store Badge”. Since then,
the store has been attracting a high volume of traffic on its website as shown:



It wouldn’t be fair to imply that all the upsurge in traffic was exclusively the result of the branding by the Google Trusted Store Badge. However, it was a siginificant contributor to its success.


Why should you get a Google Trusted Store Badge?

As stated previously, the benfits of becoming a Trusted Store are numerous and play a significant role in your businesses’ progress, especially for small and medium sized ecommerce stores or even the newly launched ones. Some of these key benefits include:

  • Greater Customer Confidence: If Google, one of the pioneers of the internet industry, exhibits a symbol of trust on your store, customers will be more confident in buying your products without overthinking.Edelman’s Trust Barometer 2009 found that 91% of people preferred to purchase from trusted retailers and if Google Trusts you, So will the People.
  • Competitive Edge: As of now, a very small percentage of online stores are reaping the benefits of this badge. Although it doesn’t directly help in organic searches, it definitely makes companies stand out in the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and the Google Shopping Tab.
  • Higher Rating Visbility: User ratings and reviews are a significant way to draw the customer’s attention and this program presents a conveninent way of optimising seller ratings and the Google Trusted Store tag on your text ads thereby improving click through rates.
  • It is 100% Free:The benefits of this program are free for both the customers and the merchants. The badge is an emblem of a reputable merchant, the quality of the products they’re selling and impeccable customer service. There is absolutely no charge or even hidden fee for the Google Guarantee!

Google and even seasoned ecommerce developers have been stressing a lot lately on trying to make the maximum number of ecommerce stores Google Trusted Stores. Given its advantages, many of them are either planning to or are already on the verge of becoming one. And the stores who haven’t yet given it a thought, are probably on the verge of being run over by a huge wave of successfully certified stores.