Enterprise Applications and Software are increasingly becoming a crucial part of almost all businesses. Unlike earlier times, businesses today have the option to get their own customized enterprise application developed for a relatively better cost. However, these applications today need to cater to a large array of technologies, devices and infrastructure and also deliver a seamless experience to a vast range of users. So before we get into the development of Enterprise Applications, let’s have a better look at what these are and what they are popularly used for.

What are Enterprise Applications?

An enterprise application or software is a term that is used to describe a software platform that businesses use to assist themselves in solving enterprise problems and carry out their daily functioning tasks. The features of an enterprise vary depending on the type of industry and business they are being used for. For instance for retail companies, enterprise applications can have features like inventory management, supply chain main management etc.

As mentioned before, in earlier times only large sized businesses actually used such applications since these were highly complex and expensive to build. However, thanks to ever evolving technology enterprise apps are now being used to increase efficiency and profitability of small and medium sized businesses too.

Why an Enterprise Application or Software is crucial for your Business?

Enterprise apps are changing the face of business nowadays. Our dependence on technology is just a proof of how smooth and productive they can make our lives. The same applies to businesses and their customized enterprise apps.  They increase worker productivity, leverage big data, and help optimize business process efficiency etc.

Four primary reasons for enterprises to own enterprise applications are:

  • Enterprise apps increase worker and overall corporate productivity.
  • Enterprise apps empower field workers, who are changing the nature of corporate landscapes with their adoption of smart devices, especially tablets.
  • Enterprise big data and analytics generate smarter apps to aid you decide better on your business course.
  • It has never been so easy to develop enterprise apps.

Now that you’re clear on enterprise applications, let’s see how Dot Net becomes an integral part of the picture.

Why Developers Choose Dot Net for Enterprise Applications and Software?


Microsoft Dot Net technology delivers unfaltering user experiences and meets the growing needs of an enterprise. Businesses these days require enterprise application solutions that can be built fast and offer great flexibility for future growth. With the Dot Net technology, developers can create amazingly designed applications and equip them with endless adaptable features and versatilities. As much as 75% of all enterprise applications today run on one or the other Dot NET platforms.

A few reasons why the Dot Net Technology is so great are as follows:

1. Ease of Use

ASP.NET is an open source platform that has one of the biggest class libraries among the coding languages that developers can use effectively. It also easily integrates with all the databases. It also has a number of tools that aid the developers in remarkable ways.

2. Easier Maintenance

This framework works on object-oriented programming which eliminates unnecessary codes and involves less coding for the developers. It consists of reuseable code and many reuseable components. Hence, it is really easy to make any changes to the program.

3. Security

For any enterprise application, security is something that cannot be compromised on in any situation. With features like character validations, code checks, encryptions and code access security, Dot Net provides really safe and secure applications.

4. Scalability

Dot Net was made to scale easily with the requirements of the program. It si very easy to scale Dot Net programs both vertically and horizontally in order to meet the growing needs of the enterprise. With the help of application extensions and great Dot Net developers for hire , you won’t need to re-invest in software as the business grows.

5. Compatibility

One of the most important requirements of enterprise applications is compatibility. With Dot Net application development , apps and software build can easily run on multiple devices seamlessly. Cross-device and platform compatibility, modularization and toll improvisations ensure that .NET becomes compatible with almost every platform and language.

The above are just a few mentioned advantages of the ASP.NET framework. The Dot Net framework is performance intensive, feature rich and incredibly scalable also it is backed by the support of Microsoft. Applications can be built and tested rather quickly with this framework. All these benefits combined, the fact that Dot Net is one of the most preferred technologies of today for enterprises becomes rather clear.