Recently, Magento released new versions of its Magento Open Source Edition and Magento Commerce Editions. These versions have a special emphasis on improving the security of the Magento storefronts.

Magento has always been on point about the security of all the stores running on their platform. Be it the free version or the paid version, their team always aims to keep the Magento store owners and Magento eCommerce developers  protected. In their new versions, Magento introduced almost 40 new changes and enhancements that primarily have their focus on improving security against three major kinds of threats:

1. Cross-Site Request Forgery


Cross Site Request Forgery or CSRF attacks are those in which end users or even administrators are forced to carry out unwanted actions on a website or a web application. Theses attacks are carried out by sending a simple HTML code in an image, which if opened, helps the attacker assume the identity of the victim.

In case of the users using your Magento Store, CSRF attackers could assume their identity and change their email addresses, make purchases from your store using their information and credit card details etc. In the case they attack the admin of the website, they could easily make all the payments for the products transfer into their personal accounts rather than the store owner’s. It could also jeopardize the whole store giving the attacker complete control of it.

2. Unauthorized Data Leaks

Data leaks are one of the worst kinds of attacks. Data leaks can occur in a number of ways and once they do, attackers have access to a lot of sensitive customer information. This information, like credit card details, can then either be used directly for theft or indirectly to carry out other types of frauds, like the one mentioned above, a lot more easily.

If you consult with a Magento Development Company , they will be able to verify the fact that Magento stores without the new version upgrades are a lot more susceptible to data leaks. The primary issue with data leaks in eCommerce stores is the loss of trust. According to a market research conducted on eCommerce customers, 79% of users stated that they would stop shopping on a website or application if it ever experienced a data breach. This loss of trust can cause a lot of damage to your store’s reputation and hence sales.

3. Authenticated Admin User Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities

Remote Code Execution is one of the most popular attacks. This is because it gives the attackers complete control of a system with the least amount of resistance. If the hacker gains control of the admin user, there is no limit to what your store could suffer.

Remote code executions usually take place when an attacker finds a vulnerability or mostly a chain of vulnerabilities in your store that allows them to execute their code on your web server. This gives them complete control of your store. These attacks are not specific to Magento third party extensions as most people claim, vulnerabilities are also present in the Magento Core. Hence it is important for every store to be able to eliminate such vulnerabilities at all costs.

Apart from these major security updates, Magento has also provided the following updates in their new versions:



With respect to the changes of USPS that were announced on 1st September, 2017, the new version upgrades of Magento also updated the APIs of it which change the name of the “First-Class Mail Parcel” to “First-Class Package Service – Retail”.

If you use this service and have not updated it, you definitely should do it right away as your customer won’t be shown the shipping rates and won’t be able to checkout otherwise.

These were the major fixes that the new Magento versions have to offer. The Magento team has recommended all Magento store owners to make these upgrades as soon as possible in order to eliminate any possibility of an attack and prevent cart abandonments due to the checkout issues.

Your Magento store is quite vulnerable at this point without the new upgrades. So it’s high time to get your expert Magento Developers  on the job to upgrade your store.