7 Winning App Ideas for the Real Estate Industry for 2017

Engaging Mobile Strategies for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Every business in the world has become digital since every customer is now a digital customer. If creating amazing websites today are important, a good mobile presence and strategy too is paramount for best results. In some time, it will become difficult to keep a distance ahead of the competition in the real estate business without investing in a useful Real Estate Mobile App.

Given below are 7 types of apps that real estate agents and brokers are exploiting and reaping immense benefits from.


1. Property Information App


If the simplest of information can be displayed in a very appealing way, it goes a long way in engaging your prospects very well. On top of that, a mobile app makes it convenient for them to view the properties at any suitable time. Also, there is no limit to the properties that can be listed in them.

Apps like these include search engines which display results based on very important criteria like price, area, dimensions, floor plans etc. Some apps also offer an interactive panorama view of properties allowing the users to view them as if they were present there. They are also accompanied with features like interactive push notifications which prompt them about latest available properties (which they had an eye on), changes in pricing and many other updates.


2. Property Investment App


Real estate investment is an easy money making opportunity if guided with the right resources. Investments as significant as these require a lot of serious evaluation of a number of factors. With an app, all of these factors are taken into consideration and assessed allowing users to make informed decisions quickly.

A smart property investment app presents the users with detailed analysis and evaluations with just a tap on the screen. Such apps, collect all information related to the selected properties including its history, pricing trends etc. and evaluate them against current factors like real estate market trends, mortgage value etc. They also help users connect with other investors and industry experts and create beneficial business networks.


3. Repair Estimate App


Properties are not always passed on in peak conditions and due to this, a lot of time and effort goes to waste in estimating and finding the repair. A user friendly mobile app saves all this time and effort which can be directed to more productive processes.

A repair estimator app usually notes down all the repairs and fixes required and provides users with an estimate for the same. This is done by gathering the best prices for the respective services closest to the property location. Some apps also enable booking these services for the tasks noted and pay them through the app itself.

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4. Locality Review App


For customers, great property is just not enough. The location too plays a significant role. For this, an app is the perfect tool to rate and score a neighborhood giving the users a clear picture about it. Even Google conducted a case study for such an app and is working on it.

Backed by ratings and reviews of current and ex residents, the locality review app provides its users with a livability score of the area. This score is based on the ratings of a number of other factors like cost of living, education, weather, crime rate, amenities and their proximity etc. A detailed comparison between selected areas too is provided.


5. Digital Document Library App


It often becomes a challenge to have all paperwork available and ready at a moment’s notice. A digital library app centralizes all the necessary documents giving users access to them at any time and place.

With all the documents categorized and centrally stored in one place, users are able to speed up and efficiently go about a number of processes. These apps also include a password security system to secure the documents. Furthermore, the documents can also be signed electronically and transferred to others.


6. Customer Support App


Customer support is crucial for any business. Hence, a mobile app for customer service serves its purpose exceptionally since it is present with the customer 24*7, just a tap away.

Customer Support apps help establish a better communication channel with prospects and clients. Apps like these include features that allow customers to setup a home showing, schedule an urgent meeting with them etc. The agents/agencies respond to these requests through the apps.


7. Real Estate Augmented Reality App


With AR technology, not much has to be left to the imagination. Augmented Reality apps virtually display everything in front of the users making them much more confident about the purchases. This directly results in an increase in conversions.

AR property apps project the selected property which the customers can view through their mobile devices. Furthermore, they also provide other details of the properties like dimensions, damages, street view etc.

In Conclusion:

Mobile technology holds a plethora of possibilities which can be utilized lucratively. Not only does this market promote visibility, but it accelerates a secure revenue stream. Businesses just need to have vision and a great app development company by their side in order to achieve these objectives.

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